Are you riding the digital train?

by spottydog communications |

A recent survey by Marin Software revealed that over a third of UK digital marketing managers believe their boss has a poor understanding of digital and doesn’t invest in it sufficiently, with two thirds claiming that more needs to be done to integrate different marketing disciplines, including paid search, social media and SEO.

With online presence being a vital part of any public relations campaign, the above Marin research might ring alarm bells for businesses. However the results are not really that surprising when you consider how much there is to learn. With new analytical tools being produced every year and constant tweaks in how social networking sites and search engines choose how to display promotional content, change is ongoing in the digital space.

Just this week Facebook revealed its latest plans to change how the news feed will display “overly promotional” posts from brand pages. Facebook commented on it’s blog that as part of an “ongoing survey” about people’s opinions on their news feeds, as of January 2015, people will be less likely to see posts from pages encouraging them to buy products, install apps or enter competitions.

However, despite the complexity, businesses should not dismiss an investment in digital as they are in danger of really falling behind their competitors. For example, by using free tools such as Twitter Analytics, businesses can easily measure and boost their impact on Twitter. Adopting a clear strategy for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will also ensure a business is noticed through Internet searches.

If that all still sounds scary, then we at spottydog can certainly help. Whether you need a little bit of training, or whether you would like us to manage your digital profile – just give us a call and with a wag of our tails, we’ll be happy to help!