Five reasons office dogs help improve efficiency, health and happiness in the spottydog communications workplace

by Katie Bregazzi |

We work like dogs (some of the longest hours in Europe in fact) but we are among the least productive according to research – a cheery start to a Friday blog! But, though the headlines would have us believe the working world is bleak, here at spottydog communications we beg to differ.

As today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2019, we thought this was the perfect time to unleash the secret to our success (spoiler alert: it’s our office dogs).

Nelson the Beagle helps videographer Joe

No, we’re not delusional or going to wax lyrical about how our 76% client retention rates, phenomenal year on year growth and 17 industry awards are all down to King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Zac, who we trained to become qualified in all things digital marketing, or Beagle Nelson who is videography assistant in our content marketing team. Although, imagine if that was the case though? We wouldn’t be able to keep ITV away!

Anyway, what I do want to wax lyrical about are the mutts-have reasons we believe having office dogs as a permanent fixture in our company culture help us offer best of breed communications, delivered by pedigree people.


It’s a ‘Mastiff’ benefit to our employees’ wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is the hot topic of the moment and as lunchtime yoga sessions start to infiltrate the business world, at spottydog it’s our office dogs that offer us our escape (although watch this space for a lunchtime DOGA session).

It’s been proven that stroking a dog cuts stress by reducing blood pressure and changing your state of mind into that of a more relaxed one. In the fast-paced, high pressured world of PR and Communications it’s imperative we provide our staff with coping mechanisms for those days, and the team here often give credit to lap dog Lottie for aiding their productivity and happiness.

It’s com-pet-itive out there

It’s competitive to get clients and its competitive to attract and retain talent but our pack have benefited us in both areas. They’ve helped to relaxed candidates by joining us in interviews, meaning we get to see the true candidate sat in front of us rather than one wracked with nerves and they’ve been a brilliant ice breaker, allowing us to naturally showcase the culture of our company to a prospective client. We can’t deny that in a dog eat dog world, it’s helped us to, well, talk dogs.

We don’t stay in one pawsition for long

Hands up who doesn’t leave their desk apart from for a comfort break? We all know the perils of sitting down for too long each day, and we all desperately look at our fitness trackers at 9pm and think tomorrow I will hit my 10,000…

Well us humans can make a million excuses, but dogs actually won’t accept them. They want their mid-morning comfort break and they want their lunchtime walk, and do you know what – it makes us feel a million times better stepping away from our screens. We get to talk to our colleagues, we give ourselves chance to think and we don’t get that late afternoon slump… well, not always.

We don’t chase our tails

Anna Baker with office dog Lottie

Understanding what the goals and ambitions of our employees are inside and outside of work is really important to us, and our policy to allow dogs in the workplace meant our Office Manager Anna could finally get Cavapoo Lottie knowing that she wouldn’t be left home alone.

Plus, those of our team who were already pet owners love that they don’t have to rush home for the pooch and can get their working day done.


Dog content is king

We work with a host of pet and lifestyle brands and having on hand models is invaluable – they are always popular on our spottydog channels too! And it seems they don’t even have to be trained news hounds because as it turns out, ITV couldn’t stay away regardless.

In celebration of Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2019 we spoke to ITV all about what we love about having office dogs all year round. Keep your eyes peeled on the news today if you want to spot us and don’t forget if you’ve been taking part in today’s paw-ty then you can donate to support this year’s charities of All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.