New Year, #NewYearResolutions…

by spottydog communications |

Have you made your #NewYearsResolutions yet? Written your 18 for 2018 list? Embarked on #DryJanuary?

In honour of the new year, we thought we’d have a little look at some of our own personal goals and what we want to achieve by the end of this year…

Chloe Lillywhite

“Considering my work surrounds me with food and drink constantly (not that I’m complaining of course!), I would never have thought of trying to limit or cut out certain things from my diet (or lack of!). This year, however, I’m embarking on both #Veganuary and #DryJanuary, and will hopefully enter February with victory glass of gin!”
– Chloe –

Lisa Jones

“Make more time for my family, my friends and my music and make sure I complete my work timesheets in a more timely fashion!”
– Lisa –

Scarlett Jeffree

“Learn how to make a three-course dinner to impress my friends and family!”
– Scarlett –

Rae Stephenson“At the end of last year I set up my Help to Buy ISA, so this year my resolution is to keep saving up to buy a house. Working with Heritage Bathrooms means I am teased with beautiful interiors all day long, so I’m determined to finally have a place of my own to decorate (and be able to put my millions of interiors Pinterest boards to good use!)”
– Rae –

Sally Ellson

“I plan to step it up this year by ditching the car and walking more. Hoping this is a great way to fit exercise in, rather than find time for the gym!”
– Sally –

No matter what your resolutions, we hope you have an amazing 2018, and if you don’t manage to keep them, there’s always next year!