New pup Rae on getting past the post-uni panic

by spottydog communications |

Being a post-uni grad, I very stereotypically spent my weekend watching a trashy American comedy – but said film made me realise how much stigma there is against people like me – 21 year olds who are eager to work and actually start life. So much so I ditched the sofa and started to write!

The movie ‘21 and over’ mocked a couple of law and medical grads for their intention to start working fresh out of college – resulting in them ditching their plans in favour of a few more months of fun. Now I get that questions like, “So what are you doing after graduation?” and “What do you actually want to do with your life?” are guaranteed to fill any uni-leaver with dread and send them into deep denial about impending reality. And most of my fellow (former) student friends are currently languishing in this post-dissertation confusion, unsure whether to sleep and party for the next six months, (a complete change from student life…) or to get stuck into the job hunt and start their careers.

Predictably, most choose the former.

I, (Rae, the latest pup at spottydog!) have always been a little different from most my age. I didn’t move away to uni, I had a stable relationship throughout my studies and had a regular job which kept me busy. Uni was a means to an end, rather than the overall goal. Getting into the world of work and starting the career I’ve been working so hard for was always the immediate plan for me. (A veritable early bird you might say!)

The day my dissertation was due in wasn’t the caffeine fuelled all-nighter it is for most. It was the day I started my first PR internship and officially got started with real life. A month later, here I am in my first week as a full time PR exec at spottydog.

My message? Don’t give in to other people’s idea of “right”. Oh, and the early bird really does catch the worm.