Marketers’ top concerns right now — and how to navigate them

Our Marketers Zoe G, Zoe B, Karlie and Rachel C

The marketing and communications landscape is forever changing and evolving — it’s the industry that never stands still. We chatted to our team of experts to hear about the challenges that their clients are currently facing and what advice they have.


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Zoe GaffneyAccount Director Zoe G says:

“Should we launch a TikTok?” “Do we need to boycott Twitter?” “Shall we jump on that new trend?”

More and more, social media is dominating the headlines — with news, updates and scandals prompting brands into panic mode. With every cool new feature, fear-mongering headline or AI-fuelled prediction, there’ll be big names on social media that are quick to react — but that doesn’t mean that every brand has to follow suit.

When a client approaches us about changing their social media strategy or implementing new tactics in response to wider industry news, our advice is always to think audience-first. If you’re considering launching your brand onto a popular new platform, ask yourself if it has your target demographic. Before jumping on a trend, check out who is interacting with it and whether it will resonate with your target audience.

Agility is important in today’s social media world, but so is the ability to plan and think strategically.


Account Manager Zoe B says:

Paid social media advertising can be a game-changer for marketing professionals; however, there is often confusion about which campaign objective to use to achieve the desired results.

Choosing the correct campaign goal is essential for maximising the success of your paid social ads and will directly impact the outcome. Start by thinking about what you really want to get out of your ad activity.

If you’re looking to collect valuable user data, a lead generation campaign will be the best fit. If you want to drive more users to your website, a traffic campaign optimised for landing page views will be more beneficial than a traffic campaign optimised for link clicks. Whereas if you’re after more website purchases and leads, a conversion campaign will be your best friend.


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Karlie FranceAccount Manager Karlie says:

With the last few years seeing a huge increase in the rise of influencers, a common dilemma I’ve recently spotted is how and if marketing professionals should use influencers.

Today, it’s virtually impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing products and services being promoted by an influencer who has grown a following of people who put their trust in their content.

Advertising through influencers allows brands to promote through someone that matches their niche, with a community that engages with and trusts them.

However, it’s important to pick the right influencers for your brand and target audience. It’s not all about having the highest following, but also authenticity, engagement, and content. You want to build lasting relationships with influencers that believe in your brand too.

If done right, it can support building your brand awareness, talking directly to your target audience and winning their trust.


Account Manager Rachel C says:

One challenge I’ve recently noticed is how can marketing professionals inspire and encourage colleagues to become advocates for their brand. Engaged employees are an essential ingredient to all businesses as how can customers buy into your brand if your own employees don’t vouch for the product or services? Brand advocacy starts from within and one solution to fixing the problem is leveraging the power of a colleagues’ personal LinkedIn page.

On LinkedIn, colleagues can speak positively about their company, which not only magnifies the brand’s presence to potential customers but can enhance the company’s reputation as an employer of choice. However, it’s important brands tread carefully when engaging their employees, so it is done in a meaningful and authentic way. Otherwise, the long-term benefits of awareness, follower growth and traffic to website (to name a few) won’t be visible.


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