How to use motion graphics & animations to communicate key messages to your employees

Internal Communications

When it comes to great internal communications, most managers know that the message has to be right but it’s important to keep employees engaged too, otherwise what you’re saying will be lost on the majority of your workforce. A simple way to do that is by using design – in particular motion graphics and animation – these bring your communication  to life without you having to worry about the copyright issues involved with photos or video.

Video content has long been a staple when it comes to delivering messages internally as it helps you to cover a lot of information quickly and keep employees engaged, but there are some messages which motion graphics can help to deliver even more effectively than a regular video can. So how can you use moving text to communicate your key messages to your employees?

Motion graphics are easily digestible

When it comes to understanding facts and figures, humans process visual information much more efficiently than written text. In fact, we retain almost 65% of visual information, compared with just 10-20% of written or spoken. This reason alone makes motion graphics seem like a stand out choice for delivering information which you want users to remember.

Motion graphics and animations are helpful for breaking down complicated information and making things easier to follow – from step-by-step tutorials to in depth breakdowns of company processes. They’re also incredibly useful for data visualisation, particularly when the data is difficult to breakdown.

Motion graphics bring to life otherwise static content

Often, corporate communications can feel static and uninteresting. If you’re delivering important details about your company, you want your employees to be thoroughly motivated and engaged. Motion graphics and animations can make your content emotionally captivating; marrying a voiceover to moving graphics will enable you to tell a captivating story.

This makes motion graphics highly valuable because the end result is stronger message recall and a more motivated team.

Motion graphics enhance your internal communications strategy

If keeping your branding consistent across your internal communications strategy is important, then motion graphics can ensure you achieve that. Whereas a live action video can pepper brand colours and logos sporadically throughout the video, motion graphics can reflect your colours and logo design directly, further helping to enhance your internal communications strategy. The motion graphic video we made for our client Mitchells & Butlers to announce the launch of their new Intranet is a great example of demonstrating consistent branding throughout.

Not only that, but videos keep people engaged for longer than big blocks of text. This means that your employees are far more likely to remember the overall message when it’s delivered to them in this format. It also impacts the audience straight away in a much shorter space of time. A motion graphic video might typically be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in length and keeping messages short and simple is the key to good internal communications and message recall.

Motion graphics can extend your campaign

Finally, it’s important to note that time spent creating motion graphics is not wasted. They can often be repurposed and used over and over again to help extend a campaign. Whether that comes in the form of animations being repurposed on team intranets to highlight important messaging or logos or reutilising an entire motion graphic video beyond its initial purpose, there are plenty of options.

For instance, when we worked with our client Mitchells & Butlers on the launch of their intranet, we created a series of how-to videos using the motion graphic icons we designed. These were not only ideal for communicating the launch of the intranet, but the videos will go on to be part of the comms to be delivered to new starters as part of their induction.

Not only does this mean that Mitchells & Butlers can continue to re-use the videos, but the new starters will understand the feel of the company straight away, see what they need to see in an engaging and easy to understand way and remember the message easily and for much longer than if they’d simply been given a written document on their induction.

If your corporate communications could be jazzed up with motion graphics, videos or animations, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email on to get in touch, or else take a look at the work our in-house content team is capable of by checking out our case studies.

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