Mixing it up with a cocktail masterclass

by spottydog communications |

From the outside looking in, the world of PR isn’t the same for all people. What do we actually do all day? That’s what lots of people ask me. For example my Uncle believes I hand out flyers for a living but my best friend believes I take journalists out to lunch and drink wine all day. Well the reality is somewhere in between.

The truth in the rumour is that some days you get to live the dream and do something that is so totally ‘PR’ akin to a scene from Absolutely Fabulous. I recently had one such day, yippee!

I was recently invited along to a seminar on the ‘History of Cocktails’ as part of the training for one of our clients, Browns Brassiere & Bar. Needless to say, cocktails are one of my favourite things and I couldn’t think of a better subject to be trained on.

And because I know I’m not the only one who loves a tipple, I thought I’d share my new found cocktail expertise through a brief history of cocktails:

– The oldest known cocktail is the Old Fashioned which, like most cocktails, originates from America

– One of the other earliest known cocktails is the Daiquiri, however back then it was pronounced ‘De-car-ree’. We have since hardened the word in order to be able to shout it at a bar man in a loud bar.

– Mojito translates as ‘Little Magic’ as it very much is a little bit of magic in a glass

– The Espresso Martini was created after a very famous, unnamed model walked into a bar and said something a little too rude to include in this blog. I can tell you however, that a proper Espresso Martini should have three coffee beans floating on top to represent the drinks three ingredients; Martini, coffee liqueur and vodka

– When prohibition hit America, a many barmen fled to other countries around the world which led to the creation of the global cocktail market

– During prohibition, ‘Speakeasies’ were created as rooms behind shops and in basements where people could enjoy alcohol illegally. If the Speakeasy was discovered, the owners would be instantly arrested and the alcohol destroyed, so naturally you had to be quiet. Hence the name Speakeasy – to encourage those inside to speak, easy.

– 1966 saw the first advertising campaign for alcohol which was a Smirnoff Vodka advert featuring Woody Allen. This was the first time a celebrity had endorsed alcohol and they also created a cocktail to go with it – the Moscow Mule.

– When the 1980’s hit, Tom Cruise and neon effectively killed cocktails with the invention of cheap cocktails such Sex on the Beach, Woo Woo and Cheeky Vimto. Cheers Tom!

– Surprisingly, Carrie Bradshaw played a massive part in bringing back cocktail culture in the 1990s with her love of Cosmopolitans. Suddenly, all women wanted to hang around cocktail bars during the day with the sweet, pink drink and all the men just wanted to be where the women were. Cheers Carrie!

– This brings us to the present day where cocktail making is huge and is considered an art by some establishments.

– The UK is currently hailed as the best place for cocktails, as if we need any more excuses to enjoy these lovely drinks!

So there you have it, my cocktail synopsis which has made me thirsty! And if you want to find out more about cocktails, pop into your local Browns Bar & Brassiere as their bar teams have a wealth of cocktail knowledge. I also recommend following the creator of the seminar I attended, Jamie Jones, @CocktailHobbit on Twitter and if you need me, I’ll be at the bar.