How To

Media interview skills – the tricks of the trade

by Sally Ellson |

It’s exciting when you get the chance to take part in a media interview and share your story direct with a journalist. However, it can also be daunting. Especially when the media is full of examples of ‘what not to do’……the recent BBC interview with Prof Robert E Kelly and his ‘surprise’ guests, or Diane Abbott’s interview blunder on LBC to name just a couple!

So how do you get yourself prepared and stay on message? With a few interviews under our belt and our media training pedigree at the ready, we thought we’d share a few pawsome tricks of the trade with you:

Prepare your messages in advance

Know what you want to say and be accurate with the facts you quote. Mistakes can be costly, so know your stats inside out.

Have some examples to share to bring your interview to life

Journalists often don’t have time to research a subject in depth, so be the expert and you can showcase case studies of your work.

Focus your keywords

A journalist may weave several topics together. So, focus on your key messages and anticipate what your audience will want to hear.

Think about your audience

Make sure you match your content to make it relevant to your audience. No point in talking in technical speak if your audience doesn’t have the knowledge to understand it.

Be honest

It goes without saying when you take part in an interview you have a responsibility to be truthful and represent your business, brand, employees and stakeholders in the right way.


Practice…. it’s always good to practice in front of the mirror (we’ve all done it!). Media interviews aren’t something we have to do every day so it’s normal to have a few butterflies and practice helps to calm those last-minute nerves.

Have confidence

Be confident and go for it. We really hope this has got your tail wagging in anticipation of your next media interview!