How to measure the success of your graphic design projects

by Katie Brewin |

As a design agency we understand that being able to assess the impact of your design content, whether it’s a social media graphic or motion video animation, is essential to help justify creating it in the first place.

But, what does success look like?

It’s probably no surprise that the definition of success is a much-debated subject in creative services as it’s often perceived as being a subjective process that focuses on the aesthetics.

However, the return on investment of any graphic design or creative project is undeniable if you can demonstrate that it both looks good and certain criteria has been met and results achieved.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to work with your design agency to set measurable objectives at the start of the project. These can then be used to shape the strategic and creative approach.

So, to help you get started, I’ve put together four ways you can measure and quantify your creative design project by taking a rounded approach:

Did you solve the problem?

When evaluating your content strategy, one of the most important measurements of success is whether you’ve solved your problem. This could be anything from enacting behaviour change to increasing your audience’s knowledge or engaging them to take action.

As a design agency, it’s our job to communicate your key messages effectively and creatively by taking all your information and getting to the heart of the message.

By clearly outlining the problem at the start of the design process, we can ensure that the creative solution is tailored to meet your needs and ultimately solves the initial challenge.

Do the numbers make sense?

We’ve found some of the best results can be achieved when you determine what you want your graphic design to communicate and how you want your audience to react. For example, do you want your audience to get in touch or simply engage with the content on the platform by liking, commenting or sharing?

Deciding on the purpose early on will make it easier to track the appropriate metrics to demonstrate the success of your campaign and prove return on investment.

Depending on your objectives, here are some golden metrics you could track:

  • Likes, comments, shares
  • Clicks (this can be tracked using a unique tracking URL)
  • Number of enquiries / responses
  • Engagement rate

Is your creative work recognisable and consistent?

In a crowded market place it’s important that your design work stands out and most importantly stays within your brand guidelines.

Once you’ve created your design assets it’s essential to check that they deliver a clear message and the overall look and feel fits with your branding.

The most effective creative work is consistent and is easily recognisable. And, it’s important to maintain this consistency across all outputs including your social media channels, website design and internal communication assets.

Why? Consistency is often associated with reliability. This is vital, as you will become recognisable to customers and they’ll instantly know what you do and stand for. This is also really important for your internal voice; it allows your employees to invest in your goals and visions for the business and become advocates who will help share and spread what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, we recently created the assets to support and promote a call to action for employees to complete a survey for Mitchells and Butlers plc. We looked at what had been achieved the previous year and revisited the design to produce a quirky illustration style that created a more personal feel. We used the consistency of brand colours and fonts to tie the campaign together. The design was rolled out across all communications including email, social media, noticeboards and Intranet, creating a consistent look and feel that was recognisable by employees.

As a result, the campaign has helped our client deliver the highest number of responses from employees this year. In addition, engagement scores improved again year on year across all survey groups at both head office and within frontline teams.

Did you inspire the audience?

This can often be the most difficult metric to measure but evaluating whether you’ve inspired the audience can be invaluable.

One way you can do this is to A/B test different types of creative marketing to find out what resonates and works best for each message. If you see a greater engagement and an increased brand or key message recall for particular graphic design project or another creative specialism, then it’s safe to say it’s caught your audience’s attention. You can then use this insight to incorporate new ideas and techniques into your design work going forward.

Success can be measured in many ways, but what’s important is to make sure you are aligned and have your KPIs agreed at the start. You can then accurately measure the success of your creative project. If you have a design or content project that we can help with, get in touch today!