May Social Spot: Three social updates you NEED to know this month

It’s our favourite time of the month: new social media updates!

In our latest blog, Account Manager Rachel Carroll outlines the key innovations in social media that brands can utilise in their own comms.


Update #1: Instagram is updating its ranking algorithm to put more focus on original content

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, wants to reduce the dominance of re-sharing accounts by tweaking the ranking algorithm to highlight original content on the platform.

What does this mean for brands?

 Originality has always been a key focus for the photo-sharing app, but Mosseri has announced that he wants to give more credit to accounts that create new content by rewarding them with visibility and higher organic reach. While it’s unconfirmed what constitutes as ‘original’ content with the new update, Mosseri urges creators to think outside the box to avoid posts getting bumped down a user’s newsfeed. This means investing more energy into creating Reels and graphics and less time reposting memes.

For instance, with Regis Salons and Supercuts UK, we incorporate a minimum of four graphics a month coupled with one Instagram Reel that ties in with topical trends to get their audiences clicking, liking, commenting and sharing. This creativity ensures both Instagram accounts achieve high engagement month on month.


Update #2: YouTube tests ads in Shorts

The new update allows brands to create full-screen, immersive ads in between clips, just like TikTok.

How will this impact brands?

Exemplified in the name, Shorts are short-form videos (60 seconds or less) that are featured on YouTube in their own tab. Since its launch in 2020, Shorts have grown in popularity and now reportedly reach a daily average of 30 billion views!

The new option to monetise Shorts is great for brands looking to expand their YouTube ad campaigns as it can be viewed by billions of users, increasing potential conversion.

The ads will be one of countless clips users see while scrolling through Shorts on the platform; so, for brands to grab attention, it’s important to use thumb-stopping content within the first few seconds to maximise performance.


Update #3: Instagram expands live testing of 90-second Reels

This new update will give users an extra 30 seconds on top of the current 60-second limit!

Why is this important?

Although short, snappy videos are popular with users, we’re starting to see a shift towards longer-form video content across social, such as the 10-minute TikTok update, so it’s important that brands stay ahead of the curve by utilising this new update.

One way to do this is by making the most of the additional time. After all, brands now have 50% more time to experiment with so it’s important to take advantage of this by including more content. Especially because Reels always sit within the top performing posts for our clients.


Stay tuned for our monthly Social Spot updates and if you are looking to enhance your social media strategy, get in touch. 

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