The Euros Are Coming – Top Tips On Organising An Event

Euro 2024 PR marketing

The Euros are back after three years, and after the 2022 World Cup saw us swap sunshine and beer gardens for the unforgiving chill of the British wintertime, businesses should absolutely want to capitalise on what’s set to be the sporting event of the summer. Though perfect for pubs and bars, there are other venues and businesses that can take advantage of EUFA Euro 2024 and ride the hype through social, PR and events too. Here’s our advice on how to do just that.

Organising An Event Around UEFA Euro 2024

Start planning early

Any good PR pro will know the key to getting involved with any major event or awareness day is to start planning as early as possible. Journalists will be filing their forward features months in advance, and you’ve probably already heard about some business’ plans for the Euros already! Therefore, you want to get ahead of the game and start prepping everything you need now. Ideally, you should start working on press briefing materials, social media collateral, OOH advertising and everything else you’d need for a successful social media campaign ASAP.

Do something different

Almost every pub and bar in the UK with a license will be showing the game – what can you do to make your venue the place to be?

Whether it’s offering a free pint to every ‘Gareth’ who pays you a visit, or hosting penalty shootout competitions at half time; if your events stand out – you’re more likely to get the custom. Alternatively, if you’re a different type of business looking to get involved in the Euros, is there a USP of your brand that you can link in to make people take notice of your campaign? For example, spas may show the game from a Sauna or infinity pool, or a wax figure museum might give you the chance to watch sat along replicas of the squad themselves!

The best events are those that get people talking (in PR, we know all about how to do that), you can start that by standing out from the crowd.

Be a team player

Much like football, working as part of a team is crucial in event management; so ensure you’re not just a proactive player but someone willing to step up and delegate should you have to. Your event will run much smoother if you have someone in charge of the different elements, and it works even better if you play to everybody’s strengths. Southgate style!

Practice makes perfect

Though you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and train seven days a week like our England squad does, practicing is crucial when it comes to organising an event. Do a trial run of what you’re hosting to ensure there are no slip-ups or big misses on the day. Is your AV working and are you well stocked for your guests? There’s nothing worse than visiting a venue to enjoy the game, only to find they’re not playing it – or turning up to an unorganised event that doesn’t at all sound like what was promised (think: the Willy Wonka event in Glasgow).

How Your Business Can Get Involved In The Euros

EUFA Euro 2024 is such an esteemed event that you don’t necessarily have to be a certain type of business to be involved in it. However, as any good event manager will tell you, you also don’t want to shoehorn your brand into the excitement ‘just because’. Here are some ways your business can get involved in the right way.

  • Leisure and hospitality – every venue with a license should be getting involved with the Euros; but go further than just showing the game. What stunt can you pull to get media attention? What elements of your event will be different from your competitors?
  • Other consumer-facing businesses – whether you’re a store, an agency or anything in between, if you think laterally there should be a way you can get your business involved in the Euros. There are so many other elements of EUFA Euro 2024 outside of the game itself (such as kit design, player’s personalities, even lawn management and catering for a cup-winning team) that you may be able to pull a campaign idea from. Have a brainstorm with your colleagues and state no idea is too crazy at first!
  • B2B brands – even your B2B company can get involved in the Euros – remember you’re still targeting people at the end of the day! Competitions may be a good way to win over your trade customers, or can you use your space to host a unique-watching party event for some of the big games?


If you need a helping hand with your event management, we’re here to make life easier for you! Get in touch with our expert team.

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