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How to make the most of a celebrity guest booking

by spottydog communications |

Arranging a celebrity guest booking to appear at your event might seem all things glitz, glamour and excitement, but how do you ensure you make the most of having them there? Appearance fees can be high, coordinating them being at the event and working out deliverables can be a tricky feat.

We as a Leicester PR agency are experienced in arranging celebrity guest bookings and events to secure PR opportunities. Each celebrity booking comes with its various tricks, tips and challenges, so we’ve broken down the key things you need to know to you maximise your PR strategy through having a celebrity guest.

Finding the perfect celebrity for your audience

First of all, you need to identify who would work best for your brand. It’s no good picking the most high-profile influencer who doesn’t have children if you’re wanting to promote a new range of children’s toys. The celebrity guest booking needs to fit in with the target market and have a legitimate interest in the topic/event.

You also need to keep budget in mind when choosing the perfect celebrity guest, the more well known they are, the more expensive they are. Celebrities will also have different fees depending on the level of deliverables you require. For example, a simple guest appearance might set you back between £5,000 – £10,000, whereas having the celebrity guest post about the event on their social media channels or consenting to use content for the foreseeable future can cost you much, much more.

Set out clear deliverables you require from your celebrity guest booking

To ensure you get the most from your celebrity guest, you must set out clear deliverables that you want in return for their fee. We have found that asking for the below as part of the fee has worked well when securing your desired guest:
– 1 x Facebook post
– 1 x Tweet
– 1 x Instagram post
– 1 x Instagram story (6 stories minimum)
– Permission to be quoted in a press release(s)
– Content to be used for 6-month campaign

Be super organised!

In all events management, being super organised is key! Make sure all details about the event are shared in advance of it happening. Have a call with the celebrity guest (and their agent) to explain the campaign and what you want to achieve, this gives you the chance to brief the celebrity on the brand and iron out any last-minute queries.
Ensure you have an event brief or run sheet for the day, so the celebrity isn’t just waiting around or twiddling their thumbs. You want to maximise the opportunity to ensure you have lots of content going forward to use on your website and social media and so that it aligns to your PR strategy.

How can having a celebrity guest booking help you?

Having a celebrity at your event can raise the profile of it and entice the press to come along, it can also ensure your campaign launches with a bang. As a PR agency that works with many celebrity guests, we have found that from having a guest appearance it can lead to a longer-term relationship where you could find you actually have a brand advocate – which is great!

Having a celebrity guests means that you can outreach to influencers and bloggers to invite them to the event to meet the celebrity. This then gives you influencer marketing to use as well as content from the celebrity.

The media will also be more inclined to listen to your press office pitch calls as the celebrity will draw them in to listen to the story and hopefully run it.