Love it or hate it…

by Katie Bregazzi |

​We haven’t even written a thing yet and you already know that we’re going to be talking about Marmite in this week’s spottyblog. That’s surely the sign of a great advertising campaign isn’t it? As the latest adverts for the brand are rolled out this week, Marmite, as ever, has divided the country into an army of lovers and haters – but this time it’s not because of the product.

The quandary of when enough is enough with an ad campaign must be something many a company faces at some point. Unless an ingenious twist can be created and made to work (hats off to Go Compare) then it’s time for a refresh. So the latest addition to Marmite’s slogan ‘Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it.’ is in our opinion great, and the tongue in cheek spoof advert which mimics animal rescue teams work to prevent #MarmiteNeglect fits to boot.

It seems however that it might be short lived. Controversial to some, yes, but due to 250 complaints in its first few days on air the ad is currently being reviewed by the Advertising Standards Agency. We think it’s a shame that this may be taken off our screens so soon, but for a brand that’s built its name knowing people hate it, and embracing it, we’ll be interested to see the ASA’s decision. Regardless of that though, they’ve hit the spot: people have either loved the new ad or hated it – but no one is forgetting it.