Lockdown Learning: What could you be doing?

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For many of us we’ve all suddenly found ourselves with more time on our hands than we normally would. Filling that time, although perhaps initially a struggle for some, has since bought to light some incredible examples of creativity, productivity and charitable efforts. From running marathons in flats and back gardens, to finishing off long put off DIY projects, people are using this time productively to theirs and others benefits.

What stood out originally, especially amongst my direct connections and friends, was a real desire to utilise this time to learn something new or expand knowledge. Whether that’s learning something directly relative to their day job or not, it may be case after this period of lockdown many of us come out of it with a broader range of skills than when we went in. This couldn’t be more true for the marketing and communications industry, especially with the wealth of learning and CPD resources available at our fingertips right now.

Now don’t get me wrong, we need time to switch off and can’t be constantly doing yoga and baking 24/7, so don’t ever feel bad about kicking back with that seventh cup of tea before indulging a good bit of feel good TV. This blog is in no way shaming you away from the TV, not in the slightest, this is simply here to give you a bit of an idea of what there is available to you right now.

Courtesy of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), The Drum, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and PR Moment, we’ve picked out a few of the stand out learning media relations opportunities to look out for.

  • The Drum magazine have been running a Digital Transformation Festival, offering TWO MONTHS worth of insights into all things digital. Running throughout March and April you can still catch its climax, plus everything they’ve covered so far is also available online.
  • PR Moment are putting on a series of great online conferences covering a whole host of topics. Addressing the likes of paid media, analytics and SEO, there’s plenty to get stuck into.
  • Throughout lockdown CIPR will be hosting a set of free weekly webinars addressing a variety of topics for all levels of PR professionals. You can register for their next session, Communications & culture on the 22nd April, on their website.
  • Finally, available on their website and on various podcast apps, you can listen back to the great selection of podcasts from CIM. With new episodes being released frequently this is a sofa friendly way to get a bit more industry insight.

These are just a few we’ve selected from a handful of media relations sources, but there is plenty out there across a whole multitude of platforms and publications. What you do is ultimately your choice and should always be chosen on what suits you, your professional needs or simply your own personal interests.

Now, carry on with cup of tea number eight, or perhaps something stronger this time, we’re not here to judge!

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