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Live is pretty ‘tweet’ if you get it right…

by Jo Crellin |

It’s a familiar scenario: you’re at home, the TV’s on but you’re bent over the other more important small screen in your life when something awkward happens on the big screen that makes you gasp or cringe – cue Jane asking “How’s Adam?” on Eastenders or Madonna doing her own stunts at the Brits.

Naturally, the first thing you do is head to Twitter to see what everyone’s saying and there you have it – at least 15 minutes of free entertainment that’ll split your sides more than any blockbuster romcom.

Over the last 5 years, brand messages have become a fixture in this area, with the cleverest getting a piece of the action, but as with everything social – the more noise there is, the harder it is to get heard.

Did you know that this year a total of 7.8 million global tweets were sent about the Brits? A massive leap from the four million sent in 2014. This year, we spotted brilliant hashtag hijacking from Innocent Smoothies, Toblerone and RightMove but their visibility was not as high as you would expect. Not least because these were British brands competing in what was a global TV event this year.

So what can brands do? Our advice, for making the most of an event like the Brits, is to have your most creative minds on-hand to hijack the conversation with something witty & definitely edgy which captures the mood of the moment. A bit like the class clown who always gets the loudest cheer. Or plan your campaign well and have the right budget for targeted advertising via Twitter TV Conversation Targeting or Twitter Amplify which can be very effective.

But we think that best way to succeed at Live Tweeting is to focus on niche audiences and make sure you’re where people want to hear your message. For example, we recently live tweeted during The Fixer on BBC2 for our client Binatone (Pets On Camera) where the show featured a pet shop called ‘Creature Company’. During the programme, we connected with genuine consumers from a pet-loving audience, chatted to Creature Company themselves and offered personality and opinion from Pets On Camera and the Motorola Scout 83, making much more of an impact than when we live tweeted during the Brits.

It’s conversations like these with a passionate audience which lead to brand awareness and future purchase. It turns out that we didn’t need advertising to cut through the noise and we were able to deliver that marketing motto of Right Place, Right Time, Right Message.

That’s not to say we didn’t love those #BritAwards OMG moments though…