Life is but a stream using the new Meerkat app

by spottydog communications |

You’d think that after a 6 year ad campaign fronted by a Meerkat, we’d all be pretty tired of the ‘simples’ animal – but when the new video channel which allows you to live stream to Twitter burst onto the scene last week, like the news hounds we are, our ears of course pricked.

While the new lambs in our rural Leicestershire office are a super cute subject to trial on the app – we knew that we had a baa-throom event in London on the horizon that would ‘tap’ into our followers interests.

So, using Meerkat, the free app that allows you to livestream from your phone or tablet through your Twitter account, we launched client Heritage Bathrooms’ Distinctively Individual brand, stunning new product range and Limited Edition collection by designer Ali Munro – at a swanky London gallery venue, White Space.

An agency driven by great results, we hopped straight onto Twitter Analytics the next day to see whether people were impressed by our Meerkat experiment – and with a 4.5% engagement rate, it seems they were – twenty of our mugs successfully painted by attendees in our pottery painting workshop, and four instant coverage hits secured off the back of the event made life pretty tweet too!