Getting snap happy with Leicester’s business community for #LBF2018

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Leicester is a bustling hub of bright sparks, business and innovation and we love to get involved in events that unite the business community. The Leicester Business Festival is no exception, providing a great opportunity to knowledge share, network and connect with fellow local professionals. So as a top PR agency we decided to get our paws dirty.

This year we hosted our own event; the Snap Spot where we invited local professionals to receive a free corporate headshot snapped by our pedigree, in-house photographer.  It was also a chance to talk to us about the value of quality photography, and ask us any questions they had about improving their marketing efforts.

Re-creating our professional studio set-up at the Phoenix, in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter, we welcomed a packed schedule of professionals from the leisure, legal, retail, sport, construction and entertainment industries all keen to update their headshots and find out more about how to boost their profile online.

We know what it takes to stand out from the crowd and so we directed each delegate through their photoshoot – it’s all in the angles! We also treated our visitors to cupcakes and coffee as we chatted about branding, social media and how to make the right impression in a crowded marketplace.

Here are our top tips for great portrait photography

• Always use a minimum of two light sources. Ideally, you want an intense light positioned towards the front of the model and a subtler light to the side. This setup gives a natural, halo-like effect.

• Using a light metre will help to get the lighting just right. On most professional cameras there is a function to lock the light settings so that all shots are consistently lit throughout the photoshoot. This is particularly useful if you are photographing a group of employees for their website bio, where all images need to look the same.

• Using a white background means that your photograph remains versatile to use in a variety of settings, be it social media, website bio or publication, and is preferable if the image needs to be cut-out post-production. A plain background also means that the photograph is not tied a particular time or location, preventing it from dating quickly.

• Plan the style of photography you want before you start and take some test shots. This not only saves time but will help the model to feel more relaxed if you can confidently direct them to get the shots you need. For cropped images, it is advisable to take a standard shot and crop in post-production.

Thinking about focusing on your professional profile? Why not have a look at our top PR agency case studies or get in touch at to discuss your specific photography or content needs.

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