June Digital Spot: THREE digital updates you NEED to read this week

June is not just jam-packed with Jubilee celebrations but with updates in digital marketing too.

Hear from Account Executive Syona Marok, who shares three key digital marketing updates from Google that brands can utilise in their own comms.


Update #1: Google releases carousel ad options

Carousel ads have already made their mark on platforms such as Instagram; but, this month, they are being introduced to Google. The new update will see Google enabling viewers to swipe between 1:1 images of different products. They feature the brand name, product name, price and reviews.

Why is this important?

This new update will include benefits for both customers and brands. Users will have more control over the ads they see and will be able to like, share, or block any ad and access data on who paid for the ad and why they were targeted.

According to Meta, carousel ads have a 72% higher click-through rate than single image mobile app ads, suggesting this new update will see a major engagement spike for brands.


Update #2: New Ads Manager tool for video ads

Carousel ads are not the only ad update from Google this month! New, advanced tools are being introduced from Google Ads Manager for videos.

How will this impact brands?

With new tools available that can help save you time, manage your video streams, and grow revenue from videos, brands will be able to share high-quality and engaging content with customers.

The ‘Programmatic Video Health’ tool will also allow users to better understand their video and content insights with a video performance overview including viewability, audience information, as well as potential revenue impact from videos.


Update #3: New Google core update rolling out

Core Google updates happen several times throughout the year and are designed to increase the overall relevancy of Google’s search results and make them more useful for users.

At the end of May, we saw the onset of the latest Google core update, which is currently being rolled-out over a two-week period.

What does this mean for brands?

This latest update will see changes to how the ranking system assesses content and more. As the update is currently in progress, stay tuned and visit our blog for further updates!


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