July Digital Spot: THREE digital updates you NEED to read this week

A new month means new updates and in July we’re seeing some exciting digital possibilities.

Hear from Account Executive Syona Marok, who shares three key digital marketing updates from Google that brands can utilise in their own comms.


Update #1: Google pushing inclusive stories in campaigns

Google recognises that the diversity of our society offscreen needs to be reflected on screen with their All In marketing toolkit providing further information and support to create inclusive campaigns.

Working with appropriate industry experts, there is information on LGBTQ+, disabled, plus-size people, gender and age-based inclusivity in these toolkits.

What does this mean for brands?

This recent support from Google is a call for inclusive content is all about making your content accessible so that it can resonate with more consumers. For example, a recent report from Social Minds Hub shares that less than 5% of media shows older generations handling technology, but one study found 69% of people between 55 and 73 own smartphones.

To help achieve this, you can add alt text to images, add subtitles to video content or have a more diverse representation within your lifestyle imagery.


Update #2: New update for financial service advertisers on Google  

To reduce financial scams, Google is updating its ad verification policies for financial service advertisers in the UK. This now means that financial service advertisers need to gain authorisation from their local regulatory body to be able to run ads.

What does this mean for brands?

Financial service brands running ads will need to complete this verification process by the 30th August to be able to publish ads.


Update #3: New features for Chrome on iOS

One of the best places brands will find their audience is on their mobile devices and Google’s latest Chrome update can help increase your brand awareness, with showing new content below the search bar.

Why is this important?

The latest Chrome update will make it easier for users to discover new content or start a fresh search when they have been away from their tabs from for a short time. With more content likely to be seen when users search on mobile on google, this means more opportunities for your brand content to be discovered. And, with the option for users to also quickly visit their frequently visited sites this can mean more repeat visitors too.


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