It’s blogging Disco, but not as we know it

by spottydog communications |

When working out how to get your product and brand out there, it’s easy to become blindsided by the thought of National press coverage, but should this be the only focus of your campaign?

In short, No! Let’s take holiday shopping as an example, it’s unlikely that you’ll rely on the holiday catalogue that the, high street travel agents gave you because you’ve probably already spent quite a lot of time online looking for reviews and suggestions from other travellers. It seems obvious doesn’t it, which is why you can guarantee that your potential customers are doing it for your brand as well.

With 3 billion Google searches happening every day, consumers are tech savvy so our job is to make sure that our clients’ news is online too and that’s exactly what we did for our work with Binatone:

Pets on Camera and Disco the Parakeet

Our work with Binatone and their social media channel Pets On Camera involves blogger outreach, so we’ve always got our eyes open to any new opportunities that come our way. One such opening cropped up when we were reviewing our recent followers and found that Disco the parakeet, had recently followed and favorited a few of our posts. Some of you may know him from the BBC show ‘Pets – Wild at Heart’, and with over 167k likes on Facebook, he has a following that rivals most UK television stars. To be honest, Disco is more of a vlogger than a blogger as he has his very own YouTube channel, on which his owners regularly post updates and videos of his antics, and with this comes a captive audience.

This makes Disco the perfect candidate for reviewing the Motorola Scout 85 Pet Monitoring Camera for our client Binatone and we’re delighted to have been able to send him one for his personal use!

We’re very excited to be working with a celebrity bird, so watch this space for any exciting updates from Disco, ‘beak’ause we’re hoping to have something to show you soon!