Five reasons you should invest in video marketing

by Anjay Sorefan |

We see it everywhere. Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day – and that’s just YouTube. From quick 10 second videos on Instagram stories to longer-form video content on Facebook, video marketing can really bring your brand to life. It gets your content at the forefront of your audience’s feeds, effectively engages them and can be used across a variety of channels. This makes video marketing the top dog of ROI. Still not sure? Let me delve in a little further into my top five reasons to invest in video marketing.

Video marketing builds trust

First and foremost, people trust people. Often, marketing strategies are centred in trying to break down the barriers between the brand and the consumer. That’s why many brands have already turned to video marketing and it’s easy to see why. Authentic video content can make your brand transparent, honest and relatable to your target audience. For example, you can appoint a trusted ambassador to be the face and voice of your brand. This means they can appear in your videos, talking through your latest brand and industry news, showcasing your newest products and make your brand appear personable and relatable.

We did this for Mitchells & Butlers’ HR team, putting their employees in the spotlight, achieving fantastic uplift in reach and engagement.

Video content lets you tell complex stories, simply

A picture tells 1,000 words. So, just imagine how many words a video can tell. Video marketing lets you substitute wordy blogs, that are labour intensive, with short and sharp videos that can give your audience an easy method of following a complex narrative. Video lets you take a variety of formats that can easily tell stories to your audience such as;

  • Visually-led animations
  • Easy to understand how-to video guides
  • Informative webinars
  • Engaging live Q&As on social media

Grab your audience’s attention with effective video marketing

Videos tend to be way more engaging than blogs or static images can be. It’s reported that videos are 6x times more likely to be retweeted than photos and that’s just Twitter. Not only is visual content eye catching but research has also found people can retain 95% of information gathered from videos compared to an only 10% retention rate associated with written information. This means you can actually land more key messages with your audience and leave them engaged with your brand and hopefully wanting more.

Social video gets seen more on social networks

Social videos outperform static image posts and result in really positive ROI. Social media platforms are constantly tweaking their news feed algorithms, remembering Mark Zuckerberg’s famous Facebook algorithm announcement last year. Across all platforms video has become the latest gold rush. Facebook videos alone receive 135% more organic reach on average compared to a Facebook photo. This really means investing in social video, gives you a great opportunity to maximise your ROI.

Create multiple assets from one video

Multiply your investment with video marketing. Create one full-length video that can then be edited into multiple short videos that can be used across a variety of channels. From social platforms to corporate events, your single piece of content can reach a wide spectrum of audiences multiple times in lots of different settings.

Being an award-winning content agency means we’re always shooting through the lens. Get inspired and check out some of our recent work in video marketing:

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