Make your next internal communications video a blockbuster

Internal Communications

Recently we’ve been speaking to a lot of our clients who want to improve the way they use video for their internal audiences as well as their internal communications.

There are lots of reasons why using video as an internal communications channel is a great idea. It’s engaging, you can cover a lot of information in a short time, and you can demonstrate concepts which might otherwise be hard to explain. When done well, videos can be incredibly emotive and quickly get your audience on board with what you’re trying to tell them.

We’re finding that the current demand is often due to senior managers who want to use videos as a creative way to get their messages across. It’s part of a trend in the world of employee engagement – managers are taking more responsibility for being visible to their employees, and using video is a way to be seen – literally.

At spottydog we love getting video briefs – it’s a chance to flex our creative muscles and sit in our (imaginary) director’s chair. Here are three of our top tips for how to make a hit internal video:

Content is key

When you’re planning your message, make sure you’re thinking about it as a script, or storyboard, instead of blocks of text. Think visually, and ask yourself if it still works in that format. Videos can take a lot of planning and may not be the best channel for some messages. You’ll need to have interesting, easily digestible content to get the views you want.

Think about measurement

You want to know how your content is being received and if it’s reaching the right audience. That’s easily done if you’re showing a screening at a staff conference, but not so easy if you’re embedding the video on your intranet. Many online platforms, such as Vimeo, allow you to see viewing rates. Track those eyeballs and consider enabling comments – the feedback will help you to make improvements, so that each video is even better than the last.

Keep it simple

Not every video needs high production value, sometimes you might prefer to use a vlog format. In that case, as long as the message is interesting, it can be effective without having all-singing, all-dancing effects and motion graphics (as much as we enjoy creating these). In 2018 around 80% of UK mobile phone users own a smartphone – the newer models have great cameras if you want to shoot something yourself. We recommend investing in a tripod, but then all you need is a quiet space with a simple background and natural lighting.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll find that video can be an amazing way to engage with an internal audience.

If you need more inspiration, here are some examples of videos we’ve created for our clients.

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