‘Homing’ in on the latest interior products that make a house a home

by Katie Bregazzi |

Moving house doesn’t traditionally inspire a PR blog, rocking in a corner and vowing never to do it again is more the reality. But, as I have just finished unpacking the last of our boxes, and I looked around our new home which is scattered with bubble wrap, discarded newspaper and masking tape – it hit me, after three days our new pad was a home and not just bricks and mortar.

Now arguably the presence of our belongings were a pretty big factor as to why it felt so homely, but more than that there were inspired little touches that truly made our house a home. Spending a lot of my day absorbed in the home interest and lifestyle sector, providing creative content and stories for clients Heritage Bathrooms and Motorola Home, I am normally vying for a spot on the pages of a #homeedit – but this week I am divvying out my very own with a twist, drum roll please…

This is my #homecredit. Paying homage to the interior décor gifts that have proven ‘Top Dog’ in the Bregazzi house, but that will hopefully give you inspiration the next time you need to get a house warming gift, or are fighting to get into the mind of the house buying consumer.

What’s in the box: a fun game for any new homeowner; trying to desperately find the box with the mugs in for a cup of tea! Cue the Home Move Box from Nationwide which provided us not only with two much needed mugs but some choccy biscuits, some cleaning supplies and Baylis & Harding soap too! I had pure admiration for this from both a personal and professional perspective, it did however mean I had an extended tea break as one of spottydog’s faves – a copy of Good Homes Magazine – was included.

On the boil: of course mugs wouldn’t be any good without a kettle and we got the matching toaster to boot. We (me) actually deliberated long and hard over which shade of Morphy Richards Accents to go for, we ended up with the Barley finish and it was certainly the ‘toast’ (sorry) of our kitchen!

Lighting the way: something that’s personalised is always a winner, and this collection of statement candles from Next Home and Parlane were an absolute godsend. Especially, when your first light goes and you are yet again faced with the conundrum of whether you packed lightbulbs logically or in a sheer panic phase – if you even have any at all.

M&S came up roses: it’s no surprise that flowers are part of this feature, but to have three separate deliveries all from M&S and for them all to be stunningly different shows variety is key when you choose a supplier. A personal favourite was the Jam Jars Trio, because yes, you guessed it – we didn’t know where the vases were.

There are loads more bits and pieces which I have included over on our Pinterest board. And of course working with Heritage Bathrooms and iDECT home phones, plus our plethora of lifestyle tech products like PitPat and Motorola – we are ‘homing’ in on the latest in interior design day in day out so keep checking our social channels for our latest spots.