Insight on: Specification-led marketing and how to become the go-to brand for architects and specifiers

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Understanding specification-led marketing is essential for agencies working with clients or planning a new business pitch in the home and property sector.

Especially since architects and specifiers’ expectations, behaviours and preferences are constantly changing meaning the old building product marketing playbook of paying for ads in brochures, attending tradeshows or partnering with professional industry organisations such as RIBA, are no longer effective.

In fact, less than 5% of architects and specifiers say a company’s affiliation with industry associations has an impact on their product decisions and 98% of them do their research online. 

In this blog PR, Communications and Social Media Executive, Rachel, shares her top three insights on how to become the go-to brand for architects and specifiers and how to avoid the common construction marketing mistakes.

1. Adopt a laser-focussed approach

Companies that adopt a fire-all approach (targeting anyone and everyone) rather than a laser-focussed approach (targeting specifiers that require your products) are wasting valuable time and budget.

Marketing for marketing-sake and reaching a broad target audience without considering vital factors like timing and specifiers requirements is part of the old playbook which is extremely inefficient. 

Instead, brands should direct their efforts towards targeting the right people at the right time through the power of product data and search as this will drive better results, help them stand out from the crowd and secure more specifications. 

To do this, it is important to know where specifiers look for their products. 

2. Be visible in the right places

The biggest mistake of construction marketing is that it is often misaligned with how specifiers research products. Specifiers look in three places: search engines (Google), product visiting websites (SpecifedBy) and manufacturing websites. 

So, for brands to become market leaders within the construction industry and reach the right audiences, it is vital to take a targeted approach and be visible in these three places. That way, brands can increase efficiency and reduce wasted time and resources.

3. Objectivity is key

Specifiers have moved away from making brand-based decisions to solution-based decisions. This means, specifiers now look for the best solution rather than maintaining brand loyalty. 

In turn, to become the go-to brand, it is important to stop pushing sales and instead adopt objectivity. This involves telling specifiers when your products are not the right solution and advising them on when to take a different approach. Not only will this make you a trusted advisor in specifiers and architects’ books, but it will also create long-term benefits. 

If you need help with your marketing strategy or advice on how to become the go-to brand in the home and property sector, get in touch with us today.

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