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Our top 3 tips for how to pull the perfect influencer partner in 2019

by Katie Bregazzi |

It’s national beer day this weekend, and aside from talking about grabbing a frosty one, we’re also talking influencer marketing. Not one to keep you from the pub, I will keep this one pint sized, so hops aboard and let’s look at the top three things we’re urging brands to think about before commencing an influencer marketing programme.

Just like the craft beer scene, there’s a plethora of choice these days, it’s OK to be picky.

Don’t put a brief out for “influencers required to drink beer for free” and sign up everyone who responds. Take the time out to think about what you’re trying to achieve – are you trying to hit mass market brand awareness or are you going for grassroots marketing? Taking a step back to research what and who you really want could pay dividends for your brand.

Best served with a hint of authenticity – Kronenbourg 1664 ad anyone?

Yes you might want to partner with the influencer that’s got a big fat number you can add to your reach figure when you report it, but will they actually add value to the audience you’re trying to reach? Niche audience content creators might proffer a greater ROI because their audience is more engaged on a singular topic.

We caught up with niche influencer Craft Beer Pinup who offers this advice:

“Watch and learn – keep in mind that this is a passion for ‘niche influencers’ and for that reason they’ll choose to work with brands that fit naturally into their social feeds and lifestyle for that matter. Be genuinely engaged in the content they produce to gauge if they’re the right fit. Also, don’t try and send them stuff that there’s no way in hell they’d post about – this happens a lot.

Be prepared for honesty – for me, I do this because I love beer and I won’t post some contrived content just because I occasionally get gifted a beer or two, especially if it tastes terrible!

Relent control – scary I know, but if you believe in your product or service then let the content creator loose. The results will be so much better and as a consequence it will be way more engaging for the audience, better ROI and as an added bonus – authentic content to reshare on your channels too.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up – after all raspberry beer mojitos are a thing now.

Who doesn’t love an interesting collab – Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X anyone?! But on a serious note, think about partnering with another third-party brand to draw the crowd in that you want. It might seem counterproductive when you want the share of voice, but we would argue you could reap greater reward by giving your influencer partners something new and exclusive. It could take the relationship from quid pro quo territory to driving real impact and advocacy (basically you might meet the parents.)

We put this ethos into practice when we worked with Nicholson’s recently to raise awareness of its annual whisky showcase. Working with a dedicated group of whisky influencers, we knew that a showcase might not be unique enough to entice them from across the country to one Nicholson’s venue in London. So, we partnered with Glenfiddich to offer exclusive tasting of its new whisky and take an exclusive tour of the Glenfiddich distillery through the power of virtual reality.

Read the full case study here and if you want advice for your next influencer marketing campaign get in contact here, I always have an opinion.