How to make the most of Instagram Influencers for your Business

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We all see them, popping up on our feeds and in our discovery pages and with 40% of consumers admitting to purchasing a product after seeing it on social media – the power of Instagram influencers speaks for itself.

With more than  500 million users, the visual nature of Instagram means that it’s the perfect platform to get your brand in front of your target audience. Teaming up with carefully selected Instagram influencers will help you to share positive brand messages, and build trust and authority for your brand.

But, with so many influencers out there knowing where to start can seem challenging. So, whether you’re looking to work with macro or micro-influencers, we’ve put together our paw-some top tips to help you ensure your business is making the most of Instagram influencer partnerships.

Look for an authentic audience

One of the biggest benefits of working with influencers is that they can present your brand in an authentic way to a new audience. To get the most from your partnership, ensure that there is synergy between your brand and their audience as this can make the world of difference when it comes to creating content that resonates and makes an impact.

Before reaching out to an influencer, taking your time to check their audience and making sure it is real can be invaluable. A simple way to get a feel for an influencer’s audience is to check for spam comments across their posts and see how many followers they have that have no picture or posts. If this seems higher than you would expect, it could be a sign that they have a large number of fake followers and if this is the case they may be one to avoid!

It’s not just a numbers game

With 39% of Instagram accounts considered influential based on their following when it comes to choosing an influencer it can often be tempting to look solely at the number of followers. A good influencer will have built an audience of loyal followers and created a community that regularly engages with their content. Before deciding who you want to work with, take a look through their posts to get a feel for the engagement levels. This can often be a good indicator of the level of influence they have over their audience.

Make the most of the different content opportunities

With so many ways to get influencers involved, creating content that authentically shows off your brand while fitting with their Instagram aesthetic is essential.

From paid posts and collaborations to takeovers the opportunities are endless. Some approaches may work better than others depending on your campaign goals and the audience you are hoping to reach.

Micro-influencers are more likely to be open to brand collaborations and Instagram takeovers which can be perfect for helping your brand to reach niche audiences. However, if you’re looking to grab the attention of a wider audience, opting for a more established influencer could provide the experience you need to deliver a sponsored post or product endorsement for your brand. Teaming up with multiple influencers can help you to create a more robust campaign with lasting impact.

Tracking the value of working with influencers

Is it working? What’s the value? These are two common questions that you may have when it comes to looking at the impact of using influencers – particularly if there’s a cost involved to get them on board.

One way you can effectively and accurately monitor the direct impact of an influencer is to provide them with a unique trackable code and ask them to use this for the duration of the campaign.  Not only will this help you to identify the source of any spikes in web traffic, but also help you to monitor conversions and make it easier for you to attribute a sales value to your influencer activity.

Help your Instagram Influencers signpost endorsement

Now more than ever influencers are actively signposting when they have been paid to endorse a brand following the recent warning from the ASA.

Whilst it remains the responsibility of the influencer to be transparent in their online activity there are several easy ways that you can help to support them without making their content appear overly promotional:

  • Suggest that they consider using the paid partnership tool on Instagram and branded content tool on Facebook where appropriate.
  • Encourage them to create a page your website or on a story highlight that clearly tells people how you will communicate e.g. Gifted, affiliate link, advertisement
  • Advise them not to simply rely on hashtags such as #spon or #ad as these are not clear and obvious in their meaning

If you’d like to know more about how you can use Instagram influencers for your brand then why not get in touch. If you’d like even more paw-some tips and to keep up to date with our latest blog posts and industry news then sign up to our bi-monthly newsletter here. If you’d like to see some of our influencer case study with Heritage Bathrooms see here.

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