How to create a social media content plan with Opportunity Spots

Introducing our 2022 Opportunity Spots calendar! Back by popular demand, we’ve packed our annual planning calendar with all the key dates you need to create a best of breed content plan for social media. That’s right — no more scrolling endlessly through Google search results; it’s all here in one place!

Free social media planning tool

Your 2022 planning session will be easier than ever with Opportunity Spots. It’s now available for FREE in a digital download format, or if you prefer good ol’ pen and paper, you can request a NEW desk flipbook.

Head to the form at the bottom of this page to get your paws on Opportunity Spots now. In the meantime, check out our top tips for creating best of breed social media content.

Social media top tips

To celebrate the launch of the new Opportunity Spots calendar, we’ve rounded up some top tips and tricks from our social media-savvy pups…

Planning is key — it may seem obvious, but your social media content will be much more polished if it’s been planned and considered in advance; we recommend a month. That’s why Opportunity Spots is so handy — for example, you could ‘spot’ a national day in June that would work perfectly for a brand social media campaign. Not only this, but it will save you time day to day

Don’t forget reactive content — while planning is important, make sure to also leave room for reactive content. Jumping on a news story or the latest trend is really valuable for putting your brand right at the centre of the conversation. It can be useful to leave placeholders in your social media content calendar to remind you to keep monitor regularly for reactive opportunities.

Take careful consideration — national days and events make great content hooks for social media, but be careful not to jump on EVERY key date. If it’s not relevant to your brand, the national day might feel shoehorned. Think carefully about your target audience and what sort of events and days might engage them.

Treat your social media caption like a headline — with social media users scrolling at a million miles per hour, it takes a good post caption to get their attention. Your caption should be akin to a news headline: engaging, unique and snappy. Always think about how you can ‘wow’ on the first few words and add a creative twist to the copy.

Spring cleaning is essential — regularly reviewing your social media accounts and spotting opportunities for improvement can help keep your audience excited and engaged. Does your bio need updating? Or maybe your cover photo needs to be refreshed? Think of a couple of ways you can breathe new life into your profiles every quarter or so.

Beat the algorithm — every social media content manager will know just how difficult it is to beat the platforms’ algorithms, especially since it’s constantly changing. However, a good way to make Instagram or Facebook favour your content is by making use of the latest functionalities or features.

Remember community management — your social media strategy is largely centred around content, but don’t forget the power of community management too. Daily interaction with your followers can help you build a loyal, engaged community of potential (or existing) customers, as well as having a positive effect on your post reach.

Be attuned to your audience — it’s useful to know when your audience is most active, so you can post at a time when they’re scrolling. You can use platform analytics tools (at spottydog, we use Hootsuite and Sprout) to find out when is the best time to post.

User content is king — forget high-quality brand images; user generated content is IN! Sharing images and videos that your followers have posted not only helps you build relationships with them, but it adds authenticity and relatability to your social media content — which will do wonders for your engagement. Always remember to credit the original poster, however.

Test, test and test again — like any marketing activity, the best way to keep on top of your social media game is by testing and learning. Every month, you should review and analyse your content — identify the good, the bad and the ugly. That way, you’ll be able to spot ways you can continually improve and create engaging content your audience will love.

Want to get paws deep into 2022 planning with Opportunity Spots now? Fill out your details in the form below to download a digital version or request a flipbook copy.

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Please note our Opportunity Spots Calendar has been created as a resource for those working inhouse and kindly encourage other marketing agencies to build their own intelligence to reflect their own client needs.

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