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Going live in 3…2…1… Have you thought about live video for your brand?

by Rachel Sharpe |

We’re no strangers to live video, and our latest Facebook Live endeavour with our client Heritage Bathrooms, featuring their colour expert Ali Munro, got us thinking about the role live video content is going to take on in 2018.

For starters, live video has proven itself as a mainstay over the last two years, yielding higher engagement results than regular content for brands and businesses. Facebook has said itself that Live videos can drive ten times more comments than regular videos, and the longer a live stream goes on for, the more reach and engagement it’s likely to get.

Secondly, if you spotted Rae’s blog a couple of weeks ago, you’ll have seen that Facebook’s algorithm is changing. Putting posts by friends & family ahead of branded content will have a direct impact on reach and engagement figures for businesses. Live video is still likely to be pushed through to timelines though, due to the immediate & engaging nature of the content, and people will continue to receive notifications whenever you go live, where regular content might slip under the radar. Our Facebook Live with Heritage Bathrooms received an organic reach of over 1,100 during its first 12 hours.

Another great advantage to live video is that it doesn’t need to be too polished – it’s all about letting the viewer be in the moment, rather than how great the video looks. It’s definitely nice to have a really high quality live video, especially if you have really nice products or a great location to show off, but it’s also easy to do on your phone or tablet, so even if your budget is small you’re still going to be able to capture what you need.

And finally, offering the viewer a chance for Q&A during a live video adds real value to the experience. It will earn you more engagement and gives you the chance to share your knowledge and expertise on your given subject. For example, in our Facebook Live with Heritage Bathrooms and Ali Munro, we allowed time for viewers to ask questions about using colour in their bathrooms. The video received over 30 comments during its 20 minute live stream, suggesting that audience engagement was high due to the added value of being able to interact in real time with the experts.

As always, social media and content trends are constantly changing, but for now it looks like live video is going to be front and centre for a lot of brands. It might be worth taking a look at whether your business will benefit from going live this year.