Healthcare apps: When PR and IT get connected

by Rachel Roberts |

​At the end of the spottydog day, at home on the sofa like most families, we talk about our respective days. My husband talks about IT and computer science stuff, and I talk about PR and digital media. Normally we both listen for a bit, try and understand each other’s world and then reach for the remote and switch on celebrity masterchef (him) and Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers (me – admission AWKWARD). But last night was different as the world of IT and digital media collided as BBC 2’s Horizon featured the exciting world of digital healthcare apps.

It showcased how clunky medical monitoring devices – you know the ones that look like they were made during the cold war, but actually are quite recent inventions – well these big boy machines the size of photocopiers are being sent to the scrapheap in favour of mobile phones with a multitude of apps. Apps that can diagnose cancer, do a heart trace, grade the quality of your sleep and measure your fitness and fatness are literally at our fingertips.

The Horizon programme presenter visited America to speak to some of the healthcare app inventors, but with the West Midlands home to a hotbed of healthcare companies and digital media expertise perhaps he should have got a ticket to Birmingham and not San Diego. You can check out the Horzion programme on iPlayer here and as I begin another ‘get in shape’ body campaign I’d be really interested to hear recommendations on apps anyone else out there is using – please tweet @spottydogcomms or post to our Facebook page with your recommendations.

So for one hour last night, thanks to this programme a PR girl and an IT geek were in perfect harmony as our worlds literally connected, and it was great for our health too – as I became inspired to check out apps that can help mine! So with my armoury of apps let the body beasting begin!

Although I can’t quite explain how the new Eddie Stobart spotted app quite fits into the health plan it’s one bit of new digital media content which is guaranteed to keep me very ‘app-y’.