Hatching a plan for the ultimate Christmas pet gift

by Rachel Roberts |

​We hit Harrogate yesterday to sniff out new pet products on offer at PATS – the Pet and Aquatic Trade Show. Alongside new launches from spottydog clients Fish4Dogs and Flexi lead we spotted a host of cool products that will be at the top of our Christmas list this year – including a squeaky toy from Kong that actually has an off button (genius) and a cannon gun from Hyper Pet that fires tennis balls to give dogs a blast during playtime and will get wanna be warriors trigger happy in the park. Obviously Fish4Dogs new Salmon Strips treats and Toy Breed food will be in our Santa’s sack this year, together with Flexi’s new Vario lead and if we had chickens then Feathers & Beaky’s new Chicken Gym would be also on our ‘must buy’ list. Although maybe if we bought a Chicken Gym, then we would naturally need to buy a chicken which would crack the puzzle of what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Obviously the chicken gym! Check out some of our favourite products spotted at show on our Pinterest board