spottydog in great company after being recognised as one of 25 companies in the UK to achieve Gold Communications Management Standard status

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We take pride in always aiming to be ‘best of breed’, but we’re thrilled to have been one of just 25 communications consultancies in the country to be recognised this month by the Public Relations Communications Association (PRCA) with a Gold Award for holding the Communications Management Standard – the hallmark of PR and communications excellence – for more than 5 years.

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In the crowded marketing and communications landscape, it can be hard for organisations to understand that not all consultancies are equal – particularly in relation to approaches around ethical marketing, people and business practices, as well as wider responsibilities around environmental and social impact.

The PRCA Communications Management Standard is an independently audited quality standard that ensures a consultancy has rigorously met standards across nine core areas including Leadership, Business Planning, Financial Management, Client Satisfaction and People Practices.  Essentially, it provides testament to not just the consultancy’s work, but the way they deliver it as an organisation and it also ensures all of their practices meet the professional standards of the PRCA Code of Conduct

In tandem with being recognised in good company with some of the UK’s best PR and communications consultancies, the PRCA has launched its #HireaPRCAmember campaign, to showcase consultancies who have achieved the Gold Standard and which we are delighted to support.

Here is why being awarded a Gold Standard is something to shout about:

  • At spottydog we are always striving to deliver best-of-breed communications by pedigree people. Having been awarded the CMS Gold Standard means we are sticking to our commitment to developing our pack’s skills, as well as fairly rewarding, recognising and supporting our talented team.


  • Being awarded the CMS award means we are dedicated to delivering quality and excellence which is evident through our above-average client retention rates.


  • Being one of the very few agencies commended with such an award means that you are guaranteed that we offer the highest standards of professionalism.


We’re proud to be part of that small group to have held accreditation for many years. It recognises the hard work we put in across the business to ensure we are offering the highest standards possible in client service, campaign effectiveness, HR and diversity. The accreditation process means we always keep a sharp focus on the need to be seeking ever-higher ethical and professional standards.

If you would like to see our award-winning work click here, and if you’d like to get in contact with us, email us at



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