Getting millennials clickin’, engagin’ and votin’

by spottydog communications |

It seems like the phrase ‘millennials’ is the marketing buzzword for the year, with brands constantly asking us how to communicate, engage and influence the youngsters of today. For me, speaking as a ‘millennial’, there is no magic formula. However, remembering the basics of where, what and perhaps most importantly, how you are communicating, is a good place to start.

A recent example of misunderstanding this generation is the widely criticised Remain campaign. The pro-EU campaign decided that by dropping the letter G from words such as workin’, earnin’ and livin’ in an upbeat and fast paced video, would encourage millennials to get ‘votin’ in their thousands. This was dubbed ‘patronisin’ by journalists and young people alike, most of them taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment – and also highlighting that the ‘votin’ Twitter page hadn’t actually tweeted anything since the launch of the campaign.

It is estimated that only 1 in 4 people aged 18-24 are registered to vote and polls suggest this demographic is crucial to the Remain campaign, as young people have shown to be more pro-EU. Understandably, getting this social savvy lot to register would be beneficial to the Remain campaign but unfortunately, they focused more on trying to be ‘hip’ than getting into the minds of this generation.

Fast forward a few weeks and crisis talks with David Cameron, Facebook swoops in and manages to encourage 100,000 under 35s to vote in a single day. They successfully engaged with them by simply posting a reminder that read ‘You have less than a week left to register your vote in the EU Referendum. Click below to register or share with your friends’ proving that sometimes the simplest way, is the most effective way.

Similarly, other social media platforms such as Tinder and Uber have now been recruited by the Remain campaign to push out messages to their users to encourage them to register and vote in the EU referendum, and Facebook has teamed up with Buzzfeed to live stream a debate on Friday 10th June.

It’s clear that the battle to engage youths in politics has taken turn for the better this time round and that you don’t need to be ‘on fleek’ to communicate with millennials , you just need to join in with our conversations in the cyberspaces where we like to hangout.