Getting ahead in your PR career; 5 summer seminars you need to get involved in

by Lucy Burns |

I’ve been a part of the spottydog pack for three months now and having started out my career with a background in Hubspot, entering the fast-paced nature of a PR agency was quite a change.

Day to day my role involves working with a variety of clients across a range of industries including pet, leisure, and home & property– meaning no two audiences are the same. Therefore, staying up to date not only with what’s going on in the digital media landscape, but also how we as PR professionals can continue to make the most of the tools available to us is more essential than ever.

From day one it’s been clear to see that the team really do live by the message of striving to deliver ‘best of breed’ communications and to do so are always keen to expand their knowledge, keep their skills sharp with regular training and find new and interesting ways to approach briefs.

As a fully-fledged member of the team, I’m getting stuck straight in, and not wanting to waste another second, I’ve scoured some top industry sources to share my ‘top 5 summer seminars’ that are helping me get a step ahead.

Summer of CPD

Summer of CPD is a fantastic programme run by CIPR which encourages professional communicators to get involved and log their CPD points and my top pick that I’ve watched so far is the CIPR Crisis Quick Fix webinar.

Whilst we’d all like to live in world where things always run smoothly, learning how to deal with curve balls without panicking is an essential skill for any PR professional. This webinar is full of handy hints and tips to help manage and enhance brand reputations, and I’d say it is a definite must watch.

Internal learn and lunches

Social media features are constantly evolving and at spottydog we regularly get together for an internal ‘learn and lunch’ to share our own social media tips and tricks with the rest of the team – making sure we are always up-to-date and getting the most out of the tools available for our clients.

With the launch of IGTV alongside a whole host of other features, our next ‘learn and lunch’, you guessed it, is all about Instagram.


When it comes to getting ahead, learning from the people who have been there and done it themselves can make all the difference and webinars are a great (and convenient) way to learn from the experts!

Having recently been introduced to the world of pet influencer marketing in the form of our client Chuckit!, spottydog’s own ‘pet influencer masterclass’ webinar has been my go to for getting up to speed on how to not only reach out to potential advocates but also maintain great relationships.

Top tip – If you can’t join a live webinar, look out for links that you can watch later. The masterclass was pre-recorded, which meant that I could make notes along the way without missing any key points!

Attending the CIPR Veganuary event

As a young pup in the world of PR, attending events and networking with other professionals is a great way to learn new skills, so this summer I’m looking forward to attending ‘Veganuary – the PR secrets behind its success’ event held by the CIPR in Derby.

Revealing the origins of the viral Veganuary sensation, this is an exciting opportunity to hear all about how marketing and PR tactics were used to achieve real behaviour change.

Spotty book club

At spottydog we all love getting stuck into a good book, so much so we launched our own Spotty book club where we swap and share our most interesting career reads. My favourite read so far has been ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and personally I love the time management table which is already helping me to differentiate between what’s ‘urgent and important’ so I get the most out of my time every day.

Due to our spirit of adventure we are always looking for new ideas, so why not get in touch and share your own top tips for getting ahead.