Five things Made in Chelsea taught us about client conferences

by Alice Treherne |

Earlier this month we accompanied new client Giosprite to Smart Cities UK 2018 at Stamford Bridge in Chelsea. The highlight of the smart city social calendar, we helped the company to stand out at a key event where industry, government and academia discussed the UK’s smart city transformation. Feeling pretty ‘smart’ ourselves, we’ve thought of a top-notch tenuous link for this most spiffing blog post.

Here’s how we Made (it) in Chelsea.

1) A good education

Before heading to the conference, we made sure we had our facts straight. The smart cities movement is rapidly evolving, and so we did what any good PR would do and knuckled down to some research. We made sure we were up to date with the latest developments in the industry, familiarised ourselves with the conference speakers and contacted attending journalists. Acquiring this knowledge ahead of time meant that we had meaningful conversations with conference attendees and could confidently support our client on the stand and via social media.

2) Social Sloan Rangers

No true socialite is without their trusty smart phone. With each social channel at your fingertips you can make sure your client is part of the conversation. We listened intently to a smorgasbord of speakers, sharing their thoughts and knowledge through live tweets and posts on Giosprite’s social media channels. We encouraged and cultivated engagement, building relationships with potential customers that helped us to take the dialogue beyond the stadium walls.

3) A token of our confection

It’s only polite to bring a gift to a social occasion and although each Smart City exhibitor offered pens, pads and business cards we went the extra mile to help Giosprite to make a really sweet impression. By sourcing and supplying our client with over 100 packs of branded jelly beans, Giosprite proved to be quite a crowd pleaser, leaving the conference delegates feeling bon bon!

4) Catch it on camera

Round these parts, if you attend an event and there isn’t photographic evidence, did it even happen? Today’s movers and shakers document everything, so we supported Giosprite to capture film footage of the conference. Maximising this opportunity, we later used the film as original content across their digital channels.

5) Move in the right circles

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know dahling. To make the conference truly beneficial, we ensured that Giosprite was talking to the right people. We created a bespoke survey that enabled us to gauge the opinion of delegates, identifying their needs on a range of issues. Not only was the survey a useful tool for networking but we captured data that highlighted real themes for PR opportunities following the conference.

So, as you can see there is much to be learned from the perfectly coiffured set of the Kings Road. But if you think that was good, just wait until the next instalment in our PR master class series, The Only Way is Ethics.