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Five reasons branding is important

by Katie Brewin |

As a design agency, we often get asked a lot of questions about branding – like why it’s such an important part of any business and how it can really add value.

Not only does it set a company or corporation apart from competition, it sets the tone of voice and feel of a brand, which is why strong branding is about more than just the logo.

Businesses now want to create a consistent, quality, credible and unique experience for their audience and customers. Getting it right and hitting the perfect balance of visual identity and tone of voice is exactly what we love in the spottydog Creative Services team, which is why we’ve put together the top five reasons we believe branding is so important in the communications world today.

Branding promotes recognition, credibility and sets you apart

Strong and professional-looking branding makes people feel at ease with your company and boosts your credibility. A huge part of this is the logo, which acts as the ‘face’ of your company. The stronger it is, the more people will remember it.

As a design agency we spend a lot of time researching and making sure we are fully aware of our clients’ competition. We are then able to design a logo and create a branding strategy to help them stand out and reinforce their reputation as experts in their field.

Branding promotes direction for your employees

Branding helps create a team ethos with one goal and connect everyone in the business. A strong brand strategy gives all your employees a unified identity and something to work towards. If you look the part, your employees are more likely to feel proud of their workplace, as well as giving them clear direction on how to achieve goals and company targets. Our recent work launching a new Intranet for Mitchells & Butlers is a great example of this, where we transformed the platform with new branding and motion graphic videos to establish it as a trusted tool among employees. It received over 100,000 unique site visits within its first month of launch and extremely positive feedback from its end users.

Having a clear set of brand guidelines is also valuable for your employees when they’re creating client and customer facing assets. This will go a long way to ensuring your branding remains intact and no element is compromised or missed out even if lots of different employees are responsible for delivering different assets.

Branding generates referrals and helps the customer know what to expect

Strong branding stands out from the crowd and can really help to sell your story. It tells your customers what to expect straight away, giving them confidence to believe in your message and often resulting in referrals and revenue increase. For example, prior to 2010, Old Spice was considered a brand for an older generation. To combat this, they underwent a big design rebranding project with the help of a funny stunt launch video and had a boom in popularity. Through this activity Old Spice were able to reinvent their brand and appeal to a younger demographic, now dominating in the market.

It’s worth considering that your branding generates new customers, so it’s a very powerful tool to help build your reputation.

Branding represents your values by delivering a clear message

Art direction is really important in branding. Getting the tone right for your company is essential, as it will dictate how your look and feel will translate across all forms of media such as advertising, motion graphics and design work.

Being clear, delivering a consistent message and the overall look and feel of your branding will define who you are and what you stand for. A great example of this is BrewDog UK, who have created a brilliantly unique identity by using bold colours and an unforgettable logo which has changed the way people think and feel about craft beer.

Branding helps you to emotionally connect with your customers and create loyalty

Speaking to your audience in the way they want to be spoken to, and about what they are interested in, is key. Cadbury is brilliant at this, creating campaigns such as ‘Eyebrow Dance’, the ‘Gorilla’ ad and most recently, ‘Mum’s birthday’, using them to bring people together and evoke joy. They pull on its audience’s heartstrings, capturing the imagination straight away and fully immersing you into their world.

Your customers will be loyal and more likely to connect with your brand if they are emotionally invested, so using your brand to tell stories is a really valuable way to connect with your audience and naturally promote a rise in sales and engagement.

Here at spottydog, storytelling is a huge part of what makes us who we are. Creative services are a key part of connecting your audience with your brand and telling that story in creative and emotive ways: from video and motion graphics to print design. Feeling inspired? Take a look at our videography and graphic design portfolios or get in touch to find out how we can help you improve your brand identity.