How To

Finding the cure….ating tools to make your life easier

by Jo Crellin |

Ah the challenge of content marketing, it may be marketing’s hot topic but it is surprisingly difficult to do it well. The golden mantra of quality not quantity is embedded into my psyche, but in the fast-moving world of social media timelines, trying to beat algorithms is as addictive as jaffa cakes and it’s tempting to post as many news stories as possible to make sure that your brand is King Of the Timeline.

It surprises some that when you post unique and shareable content, increased frequency really doesn’t matter because the best content naturally attracts more comments and clicks and therefore lasts longer.

If finding content is your daily challenge, you probably sometimes feel like you’re looking for Wally in his picture books, however it is possible to make the task easier. Whether you’re curating content from the web or writing an awesome blog post, here are a few of my favourite (free) tools that will hopefully bring calm to your social media mornings.

•    Feedly – Forget logging on into all your favourite news sites and blogs separately. Feedly does this for you in a speed-reading friendly way. I love its clean layout and the way I can organise my feeds by sector.

•    Pinterest – Secret Boards are a content marketing team’s secret weapon. They allow you to save links for later where they can be accessed by an entire brand team. Ideal for group curation.

•    Tagboard – Hashtags matter. A lot. So Tagboard allows you to build Pinterest-style boards to collect # mentions across most social media channels. It’s a hashtag aggregator which makes it easy for you to jump into any conversation.

•    Google Trends – More of an idea generator when you’re struck with writer’s block. Google Trends tells you what people are talking about on google RIGHT NOW in real time.

•    Hubspot’s Topic Generator – Can’t think of a catchy, SEO friendly subject for your blog? Let the topic generator do the work for you. It’s also fun to use.

•    Periodic table for content marketing – This is econsultancy’s fabulous go-to resource when considering social media strategy. Use it like checklist or for inspiration to create the right content in the right format for your audience.

•    Hootsuite or Buffer – These kings of social media scheduling are a bit like Pepsi & Coke, people usually have a favourite but you can’t go wrong with either.

•    Rhyme zone – When sometimes you just need a pun to pack a punch with your writing. Or fancy a laugh.

•    Scoop it – This is a digital curation tool which allows you to find content from all over the internet (not just social media and news) and it works like a social network so you can add your own opinions and then share it on your brand’s social channels.

•    Further Reading – If you need a bit of help or want to learn about Content Marketing, then make these blogs part of your weekly reading: Hubspot, Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Examiner

Finally, there are a range of excellent paid-for content curation and planning tools but the software you choose depends on your objectives and it’s perfectly logical to start free and upgrade when the time is right. In the meantime, you’ll definitely find the tools above will spice up your content efforts.