How Facebook’s Newsfeed overhaul affects you

by spottydog communications |

Branded content and stories from publishers have been common place and prominent on our newsfeeds now for some time, but the social media landscape is set for a shake up with Facebook’s latest announcement. Following on from the introduction of ‘reactions’ to convey emotions in 2016, giving greater opportunity for meaningful interactions on the channel, Facebook is putting even more emphasis on community and connections – pledging to now prioritise what your friends and family are thinking, feeling and sharing over public content.

With Mark Zuckerberg admitting the change is likely to lead to businesses and organisations seeing a dip in popularity on their posts, and means people will be spending less time on Facebook overall, it’s an interesting time for many brands and publishers.

This could be good news for publishers with a penchant for content creation though. Thought-provoking Facebook posts which encourage meaningful interactions and live video streams are still set to be big business and a way to get wider visibility on the channel. When it comes to promoted posts, these will still be possible for publishers too as long as the content is encouraging community interaction and generating discussion – something the best publishers are always aiming for on their pages already in order to get great engagement.

While this overhaul could see reach figures dip, it will also help to revive a sense of community and genuine engagement in time. Providing a great opportunity for publishers to try new methods of interaction, such as giving their brand a voice with a Facebook Live Q&A or upping their social customer service game through messenger to provide more meaningful responses, this overhaul could yet be a turn up for the books and the start of a less crowded era of better quality content.