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Empower your sales force: How to encourage your employees to become brand ambassadors on LinkedIn

by spottydog communications |

While maintaining a responsive, relevant and engaging company profile on LinkedIn is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, it’s by no means the only way to spread your company message. Your people are your best asset and with the right approach, you can help them become Linkedin advocates for your products and services, increasing your reach via their individual business networks.

If you want to increase your engagement, it could be time to create some loyal LinkedIn brand ambassadors to reinvigorate your reputation and make sure your social media content is cutting through.

Give your brand a ‘face’

People relate to people, and social media connections feel more genuine between personal profiles – as opposed to through ‘pages’. Give your brand a relatable ‘face’ by enlisting employees to share long-form articles and relevant posts that support your company message, and encourage them to use their own profiles for networking and to make further direct connections which can drive back to your main company page.

Top tip: Ask your employee ambassador to change their LinkedIn name to include the name of the business – this will make them easier to find and more easily recognisable as a player within your business.

Focus on storytelling

Rather than always being your own biggest fan, employee ambassadors can be a valuable cheerleader for your brand too and add credibility to the stories you put out about yourself and the work you’re doing at the company. Reactive thought-leadership articles about trending topics relating to your business or posts which give a look behind the scenes of the company at the human level all help with positioning your brand as a great place to work, as well showcasing your team as experts within their field in their own right.

Top tip: Share your employee’s articles and updates on your company page to recognise them and amplify the content to your company’s followers.

Empower your sales force

While your sales team may not all be social media savvy, you can simplify the process for them by creating high quality and compelling content which is designed for easy sharing.

Branded images, curated news stories or trend discussions via your ambassador take the guess work out of what constitutes ‘on brand’ content and will mean they feel more confident sharing updates. This in turn helps your whole team to make a strong first impression on behalf of the company to any new prospects.

Top tip: Set aside time to do a LinkedIn training workshop to explain your digital marketing strategy, and how your salesforce’s engagement with your content can ultimately help with tangible leads.

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