‘Drying’ really hard for a successful 2015

by spottydog communications |

When our very own Lisa Jones told us she was taking part in the Cancer Research Dryathlon, we of course offered our support and sent her client All Bar One’s Softail recipes. (I’m already running the London Marathon in April; I need all the wine I can get right now!)

Dry January doesn’t mean you have to stick to water and boring juices – All Bar One’s appetising alcohol-free softails taste yummy and you won’t feel like you’re missing out either! Our friends at the Mail Online obviously agreed with us as they featured not one but two of the delicious drink recipes just last week. If you don’t trust our taste buds, then you should trust the world’s biggest newspaper website! So if you’re having a holiday from booze, or these tickle your fancy too, you can make your own at home by following the simple recipes here.

While this fab piece of coverage saw us celebrating, another Daily Mail hit 5 days in to January saw us grabbing our non-alcoholic softails. Included in a roundup of the must have gadgets for 2015 was client Motorola’s Scout 83 Pet Monitoring Camera which scored a respectable 8/10 when it was put to the test by Amanda Cable who always wanted to know what her dogs Dylan & Delilah got up to while she was out of the house. To see what else was included in the feature, head here (we loved the hangbag that poured wine, but that doesn’t seem a fair purchase considering Lisa’s #DryJanuary).

Speaking of which, if you’re not taking part but would like to get involved and raise some money, then show your support and sponsor Lisa Jones here.