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We’ve got a great pedigree at spottydog communications of creating exciting digital PR campaigns to grab an audience’s attention, but this year we’re giving a little gift to help all the communications and marketing professionals to get stuck in to their 2021 planning.

Your Social Media Content Plan

spottydog communications is giving away ‘Opportunity Spots’ social planners to help organise and plan your 2021 digital PR activity. We’ve developed three different digital calendars which cover key events and dates for your diaries:

Top dates and events for your social media content plan

January is host to a number of annual monthly campaigns including Dry January, Veganuary and Walk your Dog Month. Your focus can also expand to capture individual awareness days to act as a great hook for your content. We’ve included a smattering of these below.

  • 6th – Cuddle Up Day
  • 13th – Rubber Duckie Day
  • 18th – Blue Monday
  • 20th – US Presidential Inauguration
  • 24th – Peanut Butter Day
  • 25th – Burns Night
  • 27th – Holocaust Memorial Day
  • 30 Jan-5 Feb – National Storytelling Week:

If you want to be always one step ahead of the game, be the guru of meeting all your business objectives and have a knack with Content Marketing, then  visit our landing page to get your paws on our marketing and communications planners:


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