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Discovering the world of digital influencer marketing with YouTube

by spottydog communications |

As a PR & Social Media exec at spottydog since the summer, I’ve been diving into the world of media relations, had the chance to communicate great brands on social media and meet lots of inspiring online influencers, however you may not know that my passion for this comes from a much-loved grounding in YouTube content creation.

I’ve been a YouTube content creator for longer than I can remember, but never did I think I would ever reach over 40,000 subscribers. My channel aim is plain and simple – to create content which I enjoy making, and which I hope other people will enjoy too. I’m a musician and back in 2007,YouTube was just a platform that I used to upload content to show my friends, fast forward to last week when I had the opportunity to work at YouTube Spaces in London where I spent an amazing five days opening my eyes to a world of opportunities within content creation and digital influencer marketing.

After winning the YouTube Next Up 2016 competition. I was offered a place to spend a week at the famed YouTube venue for a week full of workshops, networking and to take full advantage of their extravagant set and equipment.

If you haven’t heard about YouTube Next Up before, it’s a fantastic opportunity that content creators with over 10,000 subscribers can enter. Winners have the chance to learn more about their channel through audio and editing workshops, meeting creators and filming their own collaborative video, taking full advantage of the YouTube space and the in-studio set design (which just so happened to be a winter wonderland Christmas log cabin!)

From lighting workshops to editing workshops, audio and cinematography work, I spent my week learning a variety of skills on how to make my content better. Simple things like thumbnails, metadata and lighting are easy things to look past and think ‘that’ll do’ – but it’s these key skills that I learned which will show me how to progress and develop my channel.

Here are some of the top things I learned at YouTube Spaces London

Lighting is really important.

Not only can lighting have a huge impact on your video content, but it can also make or break your footage. Three point lighting is one of the first things I learned about, and will be one of the first things I will invest in, continuing on from my time with YouTube. Lighting behind your subject, known as a back light, is the easiest way to separate your subject from the background, creating more depth to your backdrop and making your focal point ‘pop’.

Audio can make or break your footage.

Whether you’re vlogging on your phone or using a high-end DSLR, its essential that you buy an external microphone. A gorgeous greenery backdrop may look great, but if all you can hear is wind against the microphone, it will be impossible to find footage that you can actually use.

Plan, plan, plan!

Whether you’re filming a documentary or sitting down in front of your camera for a casual chat, its important that you have some basic plan of what you are going to say and how you are going to shoot your video. Shot lists and call sheets are essential for bigger productions, but even if you’re sitting down to create a simple vlog, try writing down your talking points or create headlines to add  little structure to your video.

In true YouTube style I managed to vlog my experience for a taster of all of the things I got up to. This will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks so be sure to keep an eye on spottydog social!