December Social Spot: Three social media updates you NEED to know to sleigh your marketing

December is not just filled with Christmas Carols and mince pies but with updates in social media too!

Hear from Account Executive, Hannah Gough, who shares three key innovations in social media that brands can utilise this festive season.

Update #1: TikTok launches updated ‘Marketing Partners’ platform

TikTok’s latest update allows marketers to learn from the platform’s 187 partners — applications created by those with a varied skillset and a wealth of experience. One example of a marketing partner is Canva, which helps brands boost their visual communication through design templates.

With its simple drag-and-drop feature and thousands of templates, users can elevate their content with Canva to make it more engaging and polished.

Although TikTok Marketing Partners started in 2020, the revamped version of TikTok Marketing Partners will now aid brands across six categories: campaign management, measurement, creative, effects, commerce and sound.

How can brands make the most of this update when planning content?

TikTok’s support with ads and strategy could help brands hit the engagement levels and reach the statistics that they are striving for, and this is particularly useful for those with young target demographic since users aged 10-19 make up the majority of users at 25%.

Update #2: WhatsApp launch new business search functionality

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that WhatsApp will now have a business search functionality. This search process means that users can search for a business by category or name within the app. Once a user has found a business, they can click ‘send a message’ and then the conversation can begin.

Commenting on the update, WhatsApp said: We’ve built business search in a way that preserves people’s privacy. What you search for is processed in a way that cannot be linked back to your account.”

Not only this, but Meta is also making changes to WhatsApp payments. This will allow customers to pay for products from businesses within the app itself, without having to go directly to the website.

How could these updates impact a brand’s ability to buy and sell?

 As the community on WhatsApp continues to grow, this update will function as another platform for businesses to create connections with customers.

Moreover, with the added payment service, this means businesses can sell their products on WhatsApp itself as well as communicate with customers, but all from one convenient space.

Rumour has it that WhatsApp is planning on developing this function further, so stay tuned for our monthly Social Spot!

Update #3: Instagram allows users to add music to grid posts

 Instagram offers yet another way for users to incorporate music into their posts. Previously, users could only add music to Reels and Stories; but, now, users can add music to any content. For grid posts, users can add any portion of a song between 5 and 90 seconds.

 Commenting on the update, a spokesperson for Instagram said: No matter which format works best to tell your story, you can now add a soundtrack to your favourite photo moments to bring them to life.”

 How can brands utilise music to boost engagement?

 In our June social spot blog, we outlined how Instagram is becoming a video-first platform as the platform gives more credit to accounts that create original content (Reels).

 Therefore, by adding music to grid posts, Instagram has cemented its vision to be a video-first platform. Music is one method of engaging users with content, so this update could help brands hit higher engagement rates on grid posts if they are also paired with music. 

To maximise this update, brands should use trending audio to increase reach and engagement as trending music helps to boost views.

 Examples of trending music include Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” as well as Meghan Trainor’s latest single “Made You Look”. We’ve seen multiple influencers jumping on the ‘Made You Look’ trend.  For example, Influencer and Youtuber, @elsarca used this sound on Instagram as she cleverly created a Reel which showcases an array of makeup looks to match the lyrics of the song.

 We have also used trending audio with our clients including pet brand, Earth Animal. To drive engagement for its 12 days of Christmas campaign — where followers can win a different gift every day in the lead up to Christmas — we’ve paired each post with a festive song that is trending. Click

 Stay tuned for our monthly Social Spot updates and, if you are looking to enhance your social media strategy, get in touch.

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