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Crufts – so much more than a sales op-paw-tunity

by spottydog communications |

Consumer shows like Crufts, which attracts upwards of 150,000 shoppers annually, are undoubtedly key events in any brand calendar for the sales paw-tential they offer. As a communications agency though, we think too many brands are missing a trick when it comes to the opportunities these shows provide, both online and offline to grow influencer fans, followers, impressions and engagement too.

So, as they say all dogs can learn new tricks, here are some of the mutts-have tools and tactics we used while at the World’s Greatest Dog Show this year.

Roving reporters

Showing your followers action from behind the scenes of the event gives your brand a face, and makes them feel more able to interact with you and more confident that they will get a response. Take time to wander around other stands, tag other brands you see if they may be a good fit for a future collaboration, and live-tweet any events you go and see. Not only is this added value for consumers on your page who didn’t get tickets, but it shows that the brand was at the event to connect with the public – not just to sell sell sell!

Here’s some of our highlights from going walkies at Crufts:

Winners Yogi and Topaz, Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, performing pooches from the Good Citizen Dog Scheme


Introduce yourself to influencers

Ahead of the show, if there are any brand advocates and influencer fans you speak to regularly, make sure they know you’ll be there. Don’t just assume they’ll have seen your posts promoting your stand though – ask them directly to come and meet you so you can thank them for their support. This is always a great photo opportunity for both the influencer and the brand, and is a smart way to ensure they walk away with more of your products for future reviews and coverage too! This also gives your client the chance to meet the influencers face to face and show off their amazing products and services.

Emma and Alfie Bear with Wisdom Panel
We invited Emma and Alfie Bear to see our newest client Wisdom Panel and hear about the innovative technology that goes into each and every doggy DNA test


Some furry friends we met with Chuckit!:

The famous Finn for Change, blogger Alfie Bear and the West Midlands Fire Dogs


Don’t fly solo on social

Between the poor signal at many event venues and the fast pace of posting and outreach, being available throughout the day to respond to queries that come in can be tricky – so make sure you’re not flying solo. With one person live at the event doing the ‘on the ground’ posting, make sure you also have a trusted person back at base monitoring any questions or complaints so your customer service doesn’t suffer.

So now you’ve got three ways to make your communications more agile, you’re ready to unleash them within your next event plan.

Finally if you’re interested in learning more about influencer marketing, then remember to register for our live Pet Influencer Masterclass on 25 April 2018, where we’ll be revealing what it’s really like to work with top pet influencers, how to connect with bloggers that will boost your brand and hear ‘tails’ of our most successful campaigns. We do hope you’ll join us!