Our creative team get Glug-ing and Blogging

by Katie Brewin |

It’s not just PRs that enjoy getting out and about, our senior graphic designer and videographer enjoy leaving their macs of an evening when it means rubbing shoulders with inspirational and talented designers.

We recently attended the packed Glug event at Mama Roux in the heart of Birmingham’s iconic Creative Quarter, Digbeth. Championing creative communities around the world, Glug events are successful because of their global Ted-style approach; consisting of a series of talks and informal networking meet-ups with headline creatives that provide the latest ideas and discoveries. Twelve years on and Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well-attended creative events around.

The Birmingham Glug featured speakers Reece Kennedy (from Rope Press), James Greenfield (founder of Koto/ Artist/designer) and Joseph Liu (personal branding consultant). All were amazing and so talented. Hearing about their successes and failures really opened our minds and it was a fantastic way to share lessons learned. Here are three things that stuck with us:

  • Design is subjective and based on opinions: Great design is a fine balance between too many cooks and tunnel vision. That means you shouldn’t design in a silo but design by committee won’t work either. It sounds simplistic but it’s true, no designer should get caught up in their own vision.
  • Design is more than a job, it’s a passion: The way a designer looks at the world is different than a non-creative because you’re always working even when you’re away from your desk – “How can I make that work better? / What would I change to make it stand out?”. It’s true.
  • I loved the retrospective on how design has changed since the 90s. Not many people notice the subtle changes over the years and how we’ve moved from fussy and over-designed logos to bold and clean graphics that leave an impression. Just take a look at this Apple example.

It’s so important for creatives to bounce off each other and work within a design community. Great work comes from collaboration and inspiration, so we always need to be keeping eyes on fresh work, helping us stay up to date with the latest design trends and always creating with clarity.

James Greenfield is founder and creative director of studio Koto, and the insight he shared into his branding agency was amazing. It’s good to see great talent in Birmingham inspiring us to achieve and create! I will always smile when I see his branding of a Fanta bottle – he joked about seeing someone lob an empty one into his front garden filling him with both disgust and pride in equal measure!

Thanks Glug – spottydog feels inspired and excited to see how we can apply what we’ve seen to our client work. Until next year!