From infographics to gifs, graphic design plays into much more than you might think. A well-designed graphic can move an audience, prompt them to take action, or keep your brand stuck in their mind. Take a look at our graphic design portfolio to see the work we’ve done for our clients in the past across a wide range of business sectors. Our capabilities include: 

Social Media Graphic Design

Designing graphics for social media requires an understanding of target audiences but you also need to know your .gif from your .png. We work across many social platforms and understand the continuously changing image formats for different design outputs. We’re creative too so we also know how to make your message pop.

Graphic design for print

We have experience of designing graphics for a variety of print types, from full length roller banners, pop-up banners and posters, to magazine adverts and business cards.

Advert design

Ensuring an advert really stands out is key for keeping your brand at the forefront of the viewer’s mind. Whether advertising on social media or in print, our design team can produce very creative advert concepts that will raise awareness of your brand.

Logo and branding design

Your branding is what makes you stand out in your market, so it’s important to have a strong visual identity and logo design. Our creative design team can work with you to help you understand colour, typography and logo concepts so that you can perfect your brand guidelines.