Where does the content studio’s inspiration come from?

by Katie Brewin |

Here in spottydog’s studio, we are hugely passionate about graphic design, illustration and video production. For us, it’s not just a job – we live, breathe and consume a lot of content! When it comes to thinking about the best way to communicate a client’s message through content marketing, we start with the story the client wants to tell. We brainstorm and draw up lots of ways to communicate their message using our expert knowledge in videography, motion graphics, photography and graphic design and we also look to our influences for inspiration. Here are our top five influencers (in no particular order) within the creative world.

Graphic Designer Matt Willey

Matt Willey is one of the most talented graphic designers to have worked in the creative industry. He co-founded his own design studio, Studio8, has worked for internationally acclaimed studio Frost Design and has worked on many award-winning projects. Matt masterfully redesigned The Independent newspaper in 2013 which was beautifully considered and an example of his editorial design talents. His natural intuition for design is truly incredible.

The work that first captured my imagination was Elephant magazine (fifth issue), a quarterly ‘art and visual culture’ magazine. It’s a joy to flick through, the attention to design is expertly executed and use of space is inspiring. He is now art director at the New York Times Magazine.

Art Director and Graphic Designer Paul Rand

Paul Rand is an American art director and graphic designer, a truly influential figure within the profession. I first became aware of his work whilst studying for my degree at Norwich School of Art and Design (now, Norwich University of the Arts). Rand was best known for his corporate logo designs such as IBM, UPS and ABC but he first came into the spotlight with his editorial layouts. He quickly became art director of Esquire-Coronet magazines. I really like his bold and clean design, which I believe contributes to why he is so important and relevant today.

Rand collaborated with Steve Jobs for the NeXT Computer corporate identity and Jobs was so pleased with the creative work Rand produced that he labelled him, just before his death in 1996, as “the greatest living graphic designer”.

Illustrator Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake is an illustrator who will be very familiar to most. Maybe an obvious choice but an important one, Blake is best known for his illustration work with writers such as Russell Hoban, Joan Aiken, Michael Rosen, John Yeoman and, famously, Roald Dahl. Blake has also had a career as an exhibition curator working in large format print. Most recently he’s worked on a project for a new maternity hospital in Angers.

I love Blake’s work. He was one of my earliest introductions to the visual creative world and is able to tell stories without writing a single word – a creative’s dream. He makes stories come alive and enables your imagination to run wild!

Film Director Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screen writer and producer, often referred to as ‘The King’ of his genre and considered one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in history. He was a slave to detail – in the period film “Barry Lyndon”, authentic 18th century lighting was used: candlelight! The detail in his shots is incredible; notably, his one-point perspective. The film was described as ground-breaking as a result of obsessively using symmetry. Kubrick used symmetry in all his films and it has been suggested it was to provoke a psychological reaction from the audience. This was brilliantly executed in his film adaptation of The Shining.

Filmmaker Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze is an American filmmaker, photographer, and actor. His work includes music videos, commercials, film and television with the sole mission to tell a story. Jonze started his career in photography for “Freestylin’” Magazine, photographing BMX riders and skateboarders. Jonze moved into a career as a film director, starting with “Being John Malkovich” and later, “Adaptation”. He went on to direct films based on his own screenplays including “Where the Wild Things Are”, which is a lovely film.

He is currently the creative director of Vice Media Inc. and its multinational TV channel, Viceland. What first introduced Joe to Spike’s work was his TV advert for IKEA, a brilliantly thought-out piece of work bringing to life IKEA’s products and creating an emotive character from an IKEA lamp.

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