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How content can improve your corporate communications

by Rachel Sharpe |

As a Birmingham PR Agency with a number of clients who count on us to deliver effective corporate communications, we know the importance of being able to grab and hold an audience’s attention. Just as good public relations begins with a good story and social media marketing relies on great content to get an audience hooked, corporate audiences are no different.

Your colleagues and employees need just as much of an incentive to consume and interact with your communication as any external audience and no matter how important your message is, if it fails to get even your most loyal employees’ attention then it isn’t fit for purpose.

The importance of developing a content strategy

The secret to getting your audience hooked is with a good content strategy. A successful PR agency will consider the needs of the end user and the brand story it needs to tell and once this is defined, will tell your story in a concise, relevant and coherent way. Corporate communication should be no different.

Your content strategy will uncover who your audience is, to help you identify your audience persona and what they engage best with. It will also identify the kind of content you should create and where to place it to best reach your audience.

Develop an editorial calendar

Once you have your objectives and strategy you can start creating your editorial calendar. Your editorial calendar is a valuable tool for planning the timing of your communications and showing which platforms you will utilise to spread your message. Our PR agency relies on editorial plans to juggle the many different messages that we push out to the wide variety of audiences we speak to and your corporate communication plan can work in just the same way.

Whether you use a simple excel spreadsheet or an online tool such as Preview to pre-plan your content, you’ll need to keep track of all the channels you defined in your content strategy, as well the timings and frequency of posting. You can then flesh it out with the content you want to create based on the messaging you want your corporate audience to take away with them always ensuring that it is a message that they are interested in. Don’t forget that with any type of content you create, you should include a call to action to encourage your audience to engage with you.

Try out different kinds of content

When it comes to keeping people engaged, mixing up your content is an ideal place to start. Try out new formats to deliver your message; from video to blogs, to photos and podcasts, you can experiment to find out which ones work best for each message. Aside from written content and photography, here are some more interesting content types to try out, which don’t have to break the bank…


We’ve spoken before about how important video is in internal communications and why video marketing is so effective at grabbing an audiences’ attention, but the best thing about video today is that you don’t have to have a great camera or studio lights to create a worthy film. As long as you’re storyboarding appropriately, thinking about the key messages and can use simple editing software, video is a great way to appeal to the emotions of your audience and throw in some familiar faces that they can relate to.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics bring facts and figures together in a way that’s easily digestible and lively – making this a great content format if you need to communicate important information (such as delivering your gender pay gap report or the launch of a new Intranet system). Not only can you keep motion graphics short and sweet, but they can often be repurposed, meaning the investment can last a long time.


Podcasts can be good if your audience is always on the move and favours audio platforms, as they can be downloaded and listened to on mobile devices even without an internet connection. This easily transportable and digestible content type is a great way to get your audience to consume longer forms of content without losing their interest. They’re especially engaging if you can get key stakeholders or experts speaking on the podcast offering their point of view.

Measure the effectiveness of your corporate communications

Once you’ve begun to implement content into your corporate communications, developing a method for measuring it is important if you want to see how you’ve done and what you can improve on in the future.

Think about what’s important for your business to understand about your audience – for instance, how many people opened your email? How many people downloaded your podcast? Who’s engaging with your content the most?

Whatever you want to measure, ensure you have SMART objectives (strategic, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) so that you can monitor your communication strategy for success and change what’s not working.

Create your own corporate communications plan

Our Birmingham PR Agency can help you with your communications strategy, from delivering engaging internal communications and cracking content to wide-reaching public relations and social media. If you have a brief for us, we’d love to hear from you!