Competing for eyeballs

by Rachel Roberts |

The digital landscape has exploded the opportunities to reach consumers and customers – but it’s also made it harder to grab the attention and eyeballs of the target audience.  Organisations wishing to secure their share of the digital shout need to think like a PR practitioner (or better still…employ one!!) to ensure that you are delivering genuine and interesting reasons to put the brand in the spotlight.

At the cornerstone of great PR has always been the need to create compelling, interesting and newsworthy angles which will get the media interested in what you want to say.  Now as the digital landscape has changed the same creativity is required to cut through the online chatter and multi-channel media market.

There is no point setting up a blog if your content is as dull as ditchwater.  Don’t create an e-newsletter if you haven’t got something interesting to say and there is limited value in showering social media with promotional praise for your own organisation.  Audiences switch off faster than Usain Bolt and it can be challenging to bring audiences back to the brand.

To be successful organisations need to invest time and resource to ensure that they can produce engaging content that will grab attention and eyeballs. Organisations that can create content that educates, inspires, informs or entertains will find that they can be seen and heard by the target audience.  What’s more, if they like what you’re saying you can generate even more great PR and third party endorsement from the media, bloggers, twitteratti, consumers, influencers and stakeholders.