4 reasons you should choose 4K for your next video content project

by Joseph Phipps |

Whether it’s capturing a quick piece of footage or shooting a full film, keeping up with the latest technology is so important when it comes to creating standout content. And, with the popularity of video content continuing to increase, it’s only natural for me to talk about the new standard for video – 4K.

What is 4K video

4K video is HD video that has 4 times the quality of a HD video. This means that you should be able to see 4 times the amount of detail within an image on screen making it the perfect format for longer for media and providing a better raw video to work with.

Here’s my top four reasons why you should consider opting for 4K when planning your next video shoot.

1. It’s all in the detail

Whether you’re launching a new campaign, holding an event or simply want to support your products or services in a visual way, you want to showcase the best your brand has to offer and using 4K will definitely do this.

As 4K provides four times the detail when compared to a standard HD image, the superb picture quality 4K offers gives your content a crisper more professional look. This means that you can not only create compelling and captivating media for your audience, but you can also be assured that your brand will be showcased in a sleek, high-quality way.

2. Solving post-production issues

When creating content, typically, you want to be able to use it in multiple ways including across your digital channels. For some digital channels your content will need to be uploaded or compressed in a smaller file format to help the content load quickly, especially on mobile.

However, the great thing about 4K is the flexibility it allows. One of the key benefits of shooting 4K is that it allows you to edit effectively and to a higher quality. This means that once you’ve captured your footage you have creative freedom to crop individual frames whilst still retaining a HD image which is perfect for social media formats.

The end result – great quality footage and the opportunity to select the best shots from your filming for your digital channels.

3. Limited space? No problem

A common myth is that shooting in 4K means you need endless storage space and specialist equipment that’s not always suitable for every filming location.

Whilst we would always recommend ensuring you have the right camera for the job, advances in technology mean it’s easier than ever to shoot in 4K. With the likes of GoPro offering it as standard on most of their cameras you can now use small form cameras to shoot epic content – even in the most challenging of locations.

4. Future proofing

We know that when you invest in creating a piece of content proving return on investment is important.

A key benefit of choosing 4K for your video content project is that you can create great quality raw footage that can be reused and repackaged in multiple formats without losing the quality – helping you to get more for your money.

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