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As a Birmingham PR agency, we are delighted to be in the second city of the PR industry. This is qualified by the fact that our regional industry body the CIPR Midlands is the largest regional PR body outside of London.

So, if you’re looking to hire a PR agency, we think Birmingham is a great place to start and here are our tips to ensure you get the right partner for you:

Research their case studies and client list

You need the PR agency you choose to be experts in your field or market, so it’s important to start the shortlist process by researching the successful work that they have already done. To get a feel for their sector-specific expertise, you should look for a list of existing clients and campaign case studies to give you an insight into their offering.

Check their industry credentials

A good sign that a PR agency is credible is if it is a member of at least one industry body. At spottydog our team are members of the CIPR Midlands, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Internal Communication but the bodies can relate to PR ethics, best practice, professional development and many other areas which will show that the company is committed to a high standard of professionalism.

Look for Midlands PR awards

Another way to determine a public relations agency’s credentials is to research the National and Regional awards they have entered and won, as this will clearly demonstrate their expertise and give you confidence in their reputation. At spottydog for example, we have won 16 industry awards over the years – most recently being shortlisted in a range of categories at CIPR Midland’s Pride awards in Birmingham.

Full service vs. specialist agency

While you may not have a strategy or campaign idea ready to go at the point of choosing your agency, it is important to consider the services you will be likely to require as early as possible. If you opt for a full service PR agency for example, they will be able to offer everything from an outsourced press office solution and social media support through to video production and media relations. This means you won’t have to worry about out-sourcing any elements of your campaign as it can all be handled seamlessly under one roof.

Professional chemistry

Once you have established all of the information above, the next big consideration is the chemistry. It may sound insignificant, but you really need to ensure you hire an agency that is genuinely excited about your brand proposition and is keen to help you tell the story to the stakeholders that matter. Setting up a chemistry meeting is a good first step to get a feel for the people and the agency who you will be working closely with, as well as to give you a sense of the ethos and attitude of the company. A PR agency’s social media channels are also a good ‘shop window’ to give you an insight into how they work and what their interests and areas of expertise are.

A London vs. Birmingham PR agency

We might be biased, but the quality of the Birmingham PR agency pool definitely means companies should broaden their horizons beyond London. London of course has a lot to offer, but this doesn’t mean it should be the only location you consider. To ensure regular face to face PR meetings will be a breeze, look for agencies which offer great transport links to and from your location (did we mention we’re a Birmingham PR agency right outside Grand Central station…?) In all seriousness though, you want to pick a PR agency, Birmingham or otherwise, which is easily commutable to ensure you can build up a good relationship with regular meetings which work within your busy schedule.

Pick a PR agency that is passionate

Our last piece of advice is to look for an agency which is proactive and passionate – if they’re already working within the sector, meeting with great press contacts and attending key industry events, you can be confident that your brand will instantly be able to benefit from the connections they’ve been busy making.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we could be the perfect Birmingham PR agency for you, contact us today on 01455 245 250, or email us on [email protected]. (If you’d also like to browse our ‘shop window’ and get a glimpse of who we are, check out our social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.)


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